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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger

Week one, Turn

Spice and Ginger, the twins, litter mates. They often move as one turning to look at you or to look away. They often seem to have practiced their moves ahead of time but they are just naturally bonded. I've had them for 14 years as of April of 2014 so I know.


♥ Lovely pic of them, and a great answer to the prompt! (And so very nice to see you here again! :o) )
Thank you! I'm glad to be back. I really do enjoy this group. I wasn't sure if I could play this year or not as my computer is out of commission, but so far the IPad is working for posting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
*crosses fingers for you* Eep, not working hardware is always a nuisance!
That is a lovely picture.
Thank you. These two are easy to photograph and I really liked this prompt.
Oh gosh, they're beautiful. I hope the three of you have many more happy years together.
Oh, I hope so too. They are my darlings, but then I say that about all my cats.
That is so cool; too bad we do not have video.;-)
It is a shame, but it's a challenge to try and show motion in still photos. It's fun to attempt it. : )
Lovely pic, and the story about them was very interesting. Obviously they are identical twins.
They are very nearly identical and from the same litter. I have all three of the cats from that litter. These two have a brother, Blue. Their mother brought them to live on my front porch when they were about three weeks old and when she weaned them, they decided to stay. She was very much a wild thing and she left. We couldn't catch her.
Oh! What gorgeous cats!!
Thank you. They are quite a pair.
They're beautiful! I love torties. That's the original Nutmeg in my icon. I still miss her.
Aww, she's lovely! These two are the only torties I've ever had but they have given me a huge appreciation for all torties. Torties have such interesting markings and are such beautiful cats. When these two snuggle up together I have trouble telling where one begins and the other ends.
LOL! I know just what you mean, though. I currently have 2 black cats (that's Grendel in the icon) and it's like one big two-headed ball of cat when they cuddle up.
I adore black cats. I have four of them at the moment. Three living in my house and a fourth that I care for who belonged to my Father.
Oh my, such beautiful girls:)
Thank you! One of them is on my lap now. They can be such darlings.
Such pretty cats!
Thank you. I had never had torties before and they have been a joy to live with. Very clever and very sweet and oh so loyal to each other.