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Smile please

September 2019



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stormy weather

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I took this picture about 1/2 an hour ago, at the turn of the tide.

turn of the tide scavenger

It's a bit hazy because, firstly, there was a lot of salt spray in the air and, secondly, because I had to use the zoom - I had intended getting closer to the sea, but the wind was in danger of blowing me off my feet. Those who know me will realise that this means it was very, very, windy!


How do those buildings survive battering?
There is actually a walkway, a strip of garden, and a road, between the sea wall and the buildings - this was taken within about 20ft of where that huge wave is breaking -

365 week 10 Saturday

But with the high tide and the wind today the road would have been awash - it was closed, and the buildings would have had their doorways sandbagged.

Occasionally the sea throws up a stone big enough to crack their windows, though.
Goodness, hang on tight!
It is, to quote Winnie the Pooh, a Blustery Day!!
We have a local television meteorologist who, on very windy days, issues a Small Dog and Children Warning. :)
I think this would need a large dog, or small horse, warning today!
I hope this is the high tide...
Yes - fortunately!
Great use of the prompt. And I can imagine how windy that must be!
I can still taste the salt on my skin - I really must go and wash it off!
Whoooo, look at that splash, and choppy sea. I can imagine how windy it was.
It is a steady 40mph at the moment, with gusts to 75-80...
Great interpretation of the prompt, and I just love your dramatic sea shots.
Thank you!

The sea is a very good subject - well sometimes....
I'm glad you didn't have to get any closer than that to get the photo. There were shots of people on the news yesterday walking along promenades and standing against sea walls despite all the warnings to stay away from edges!

Hope you survived this blustery day.
I saw them - some people have no sense!

I had the tram lines and a road, then a pavement with a grass slope beyond it, between me and the sea - so it wouldn't have been totally mad, like some of those people, if I had gone across the road, especially as we were above the wave height - but once I felt the wind I decided I didn't fancy landing on my backside, or worse!
I wish I could see the turn of the tide from here but since I can't, I'm enjoying your photo all the more.