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Smile please

September 2019



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Frodo in Cart - Annwyn55

shirebound in photo_scavenger


I never dreamed that I had any stories to tell, or that anyone would read and enjoy them if I did. But Elijah Wood's Frodo inspired me so much that, in 2002 -- at age 45 -- I began writing for the first time; 12 years later, the stories are still coming. Thank you, dear lad, for so exquisitely bringing to life one of my favorite literary characters -- and for inspiring so much creativity, such lasting friendships, and such profound new experiences for those of us in this beloved LOTR fandom.

angsty frodo

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What a great answer to this prompt, and what a great love, of course! :o)
It's the very first thing I thought of when I saw the prompt. :)
Ah, I like that interpretation of the prompt! (Though I'd have to take a photo of Aragorn. *g*)
*grins* Go right ahead! (Although I can't imagine how you could ever pick just ONE photo.)
Now that is a very good reply to the prompt!
*grins* Thank you.
I love Frodo too, and one of the many reasons is that he inspired you to write. He and LOTRs are also how we met, dear friend. Great use of the prompt.
one of the many reasons is that he inspired you to write

What an absolutely lovely thing to say.

So many friendships grew out of our experience of those films!

Thank you.
Tolkien would be astounded at the love his creations have engendered.
I'm sure he would. When I think of what it took him to write and publish his books, I'm glad he at least knew during his lifetime that they were appreciated and valued.

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A very good choice:)
Thank you. *happy*