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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


This is a terrible photo, but it was a celebration occasion for me. A very big one. The cat in this photo belonged to my Father, who died three years ago on 12-07-2010. Long story short, I took over the care and feeding of his cats, all of whom accept me and allowed me to pet them and care for them, except the one pictured here. This is Felix. She was not at all happy with me and refused to allow me to touch her for two and a half years! So this photo celebrates her acceptance of me finally. Lol. The photo is a slightly blurry selfie taken on my IPhone just as evidence that Felix and I are officially friends.


Congratulations, that is an awesome thing to celebrate! :o)
It was so unexpected and I was so pleased when it happened. She is a little dear.
What a happy ending for you and Felix. :)
I never thought I would win her over. I used to worry that she might get ill and due to limited contact, I wouldn't know it.
What a wonderful story!
She surprised me when she finally decided to accept me. It really was my biggest honor all year.
Very nice! When I met my husband, his cat, Sam, didn't have any use for me. He never did! I tried my best, but he always looked at me with disdain.
Felix was like that with me too. She avoided me and I couldn't touch her. She would run and hide from me if I attempted it. She was really always a one person cat and I just wasn't that person. I think she relented when she did because I was her only option. In any case, it was a huge relief.
Well worth celebrating :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
It was one of the bright spots of my year.
That is certainly something worth celebrating :)
I was over the moon. It was something I never expected. I thought it had been too long but I guess Felix had other ideas. Cats always do.
Definitely a celebratory moment!
She surprised me and I'm still expecting to reach for her and have her run but so far, so good.
That is, most certainly, cause for celebration. How nice to see you, too!
I almost didn't use this photo because I'm in it. Lol. I took this to show another family member evidence of my new friendship. The prompt demanded this photo though. It was a true celebration event.