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Smile please

September 2019



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cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


It's only the beginning of the year and I'm already behind. *headdesk*

This, in answer to shirebound's dare encouragement. *g*

 photo IMAG2614_zps501ce2ac.jpg

One of my few collectibles, a statue of Strider as he sits in the Prancing Pony in The Fellowship of the Ring movie (which is just how I envisioned the scene in the book). Like Shirebound and Frodo, my love of Tolkien's Aragorn (and of Tolkien's books and the movies) has brought me much enjoyment and many new friendships over the years.


That's a lovely figure - just right.
I do really like it... they caught the expression and features and pose very well. And it's not overwhelmingly big. Fits just right in the corner by my computer screen.
*big thumbs up*
*scraps idea for entry*
Aww... go for it anyway!
No worries - I have another idea; even if there's no such thing as too much Aragorn, two shots that only differ in their background may be over the top *g*
even if there's no such thing as too much Aragorn, two shots that only differ in their background may be over the top *g*

Okay, yeah... that might be a little overkill. LOL
He's lovely. And I agree on all things Tolkien
What would we be doing, I wonder, if not for Tolkien!
Welcome to the already-behind-club. :) *sigh*
I fell behind last fall and still haven't caught up. *sigh* indeed.
I share your love of all things Viggo, er, Aragorn. And that's a great statue. I have several, but not that one.
Yay for fellow Viggo/Aragorn fans! :) I fell in love with this statue when it came out and splurged. There's one other I'd like but I've never been able to find an affordable one used (I guess everyone else likes it, too).

Love your icon!

What's the one you're looking for? Picture?

I love that icon, too. I went to a booksigning, but I can't remember if I took that particular shot or someone took it with my camera (because I was in it). I'd have to hunt up the original to remember.
It's this one, put out by Sideshow a while back. I stupidly didn't snatch it up immediately, hoping instead to get it as a Christmas gift but never did. Now it's sold out:

I see one now and then on ebay and amazon but I haven't been able to snag it yet.
I do have that one, the exclusive version. It was back in the day when I could afford such things. It's probably good that they seem to have moved on to newer fandoms/characters or I'd be a very sad puppy.
Oh, lucky you to have snagged this one! I learned a painful lesson in not expecting to get these things as gifts.

It's probably good that they seem to have moved on to newer fandoms/characters or I'd be a very sad puppy.

Whereas I'm in the opposite boat... I didn't have the money when they were all coming out, and now that I do have some spending money... there's nothing new. *sigh* Oh well. It's not like I *need* one. I just really *want* one. LOL
Oh my...

The Tolkien shop here in the Netherlands doesn't have it either, but I spotted a statuette of Arwen reading that immediately jumped to my 'probably want' list...

Oh, that's beautiful!
The worst thing is I was at the shop just the end of last year, and could have blown my indulgence budget in one fell swooppicked it up right there...
Yep. I've been in that position before. "Do I spend the entire year's fun budget right now... or not?"

(And in some cases, it's SEVERAL YEARS of fun budget involved!)
Such a nice response to the prompt, and yay to the collectible! I feel very valiant that I have never given in to get collectibles of this kind (since I don't really count my Legos among them, as I'm not having the minifigures standing around by themselves), but I treated myself to to commissioned fanarts in my previous fandom and have bought a third from a sale, and have two commissions running for Elrond fanarts.
Where do you have your Aragorn standing/sitting?
Normally, when not posing for a Photo Scavenger shoot, he sits by my computer monitor. It's quite a small statue, only about 6 inches tall, so it fits nicely on my desk.

I'm not a huge collector by any stretch (can't afford it, for one), but I do have some things I've been given as gifts, and I do have my eye on one larger Strider statue if I can find one on ebay that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I don't want my house turning into a shrine to Aragorn but at the same time, I do like having little things here and there that show my obsession interest in both the character and the author. :D
I admire your choice here very much. In fact I could go on admiring it for days...
Thank you!