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Smile please

September 2019



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gold snowflake

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I am just putting away our well-beloved Christmas decorations - here are a few of them waiting to be boxed...

scavenger wellbeloved 005

scavenger wellbeloved 009


That's a marvelous response. So many folks have beloved, memory-filled ornaments and decorations.
Thank you. My husband is seriously weird about some things - he genuinely suggested that it would be so much more effective to just throw them all out each year and buy new ones next December rather than having them take up space... He couldn't understand why my daughter and I looked at him as if he was... well weird!!

We love all these things. Greatly!
I love the church ornament in the first photo. The colors are gorgeous.
It is a very cheap Kracow Nativity which my daughter brought me home from Kracow in 2007. Unlike it's expensive big brothers, this one is handmade from card and coloured tinfoil and came from a small market. It is rather fragile, so it goes back into the box she brought it home in every year.
They are lovely!
Thank you. They are all well beloved - and I am so happy to see them all each year.
Ah, well-beloved treasures indeed! It used to be one of the highlights of the year when my parents got out the Advent/Christmas decoration and I could see my favourites again. I'm having my favourite own ones, too, of course, but they're not yet as well-established in way of favourites as my childhood ones, as they're simply not old enough to compete. *g*
I think the decorations at my parents house all got damp/tatty - and when my mother moved into a flat after my father died she got rid of them.

But I have my own favourites bought over the years, like the row of golden santas and the gold wire trees. And ones that were gifts like the Kracow nativity. There are some knitted ones, too made by a friend.
I see my favourites - the gold Father Christmases in different sizes. And as for suggesting new decorations each year - I'm not surprised S2C got looked at!
I see my favourites - the gold Father Christmases in different sizes.

Ah - the Choir of the Unseen University!
You have some lovely decorations. Your home must be beautiful for the holidays.
Thank you. They've been collected over the years, and one or two have been gifts - I'm very fond of a lot of them.
I like Santas who look like wizards!
They are some of my favourites - there are a couple more that were already boxed. I don't kno if you are familiar with the Discworld books - but if you are you can understand why the four in the top picture are known as the choir of the Unseen University in our house.
I adore Discworld, especially the witches. And the wizards. And the Watch. And Death!
Very nice decorations