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Smile please

September 2019



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Kaiya Love

nutmeg3 in photo_scavenger


LJ ate the first version of this, so I try again.

Nothing in my house is as well-beloved as my animals, but rather than spam you with pictures of all 20 of them, I'll use this photo of Kaiya, who seems to love me (or at least my feet) as much as I love her.

 photo Sleepy.jpg


I do like the idea of you having well-beloved feet!
Bonus: she keeps them warm. :-)
She's such a pretty girl
And she knows it. *g*
Ohhhh, that is SOOOOOO adorable. *melts*
She tends to inspire that response. :-)
Twenty pets? Wow! Are all of them of the furry kind?
That is a very lovely pic of a loving doggie indeed. :o)
Thank you. :-) And they are all furry, but most are very small: 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 hamsters, 11 gerbils, 1 degu and 3 sugar gliders.
You're having quite the zoo there! :o) I had to google sugar gliders first and didn't know they could be kept as pets.
Aw, how cute. And you must have such lovely warm ankles too!
It's true. She's very soft and snuggly.
That is a picture of great contentment, lovely and warm and happy.
I think she and I were both very content. :-0
I have to ask - do the sugar gliders have the run of the house? Just wondering after a friend's description of having a new roof added to her house. with the sugar gliders helping them selves to the fruit bowl. It still makes me grin to remember it.
LOL! No, because the cats and dogs would probably go after them if they were free, plus there are just too many places in this house where they could get lost or hurt. I take them out for playtime in a closed bathroom, because it's easy to glider-proof and we can interact safely.
That's interesting.
Awwwww, adorable! And I wouldn't mind being spammed with 20 or so animal photos. Not at all.
Trust me, I'll keep answering prompts with pet photos as frequently as possible. That's Grendel, one of my cats, in the icon.
My old kitty never was a lap cat unless it was cold out, and then he could be very affectionate!
That's cats for you, always looking out for #1.
Lovely dog:)
Thank you. She's absolutely my best girl. :-)