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Smile please

September 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger

Media means...

... among other things, a means of communication to convey information. So have two of my favourite means of conveying information: a book (conveying words and stories) and a cup of tea (conveying taste and sometimes desired  effects).

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Oh, that's very nice indeed.

What sort of book is that? It looks hand-made--is it filled with your own writings? (Yes, I'm nosy! LOL)
Well, it's the Red Book of the shire, of course!

;o) No, just kidding - though I call it "Red Book" - both are indeed handmade, but miniatures. The book is smaller than a matchbox, handmade from leather and vat paper sewn together. I planned to write some quotes in it and such, but the paper sucks too much ink to be used nicely for that, and I refuse to use a ball pen in this beauty! I plan to put in some tiny pencil drawings, but never got around to do it - I have several beautiful books with empty pages like this, because I like them very much, but I'm rarely actually using them, as my hand-writing is not very legible and I'm not writing much by hand anyway anymore...
The cup is tiny as well, just large enough for about a thimble of tea. I acutally took this shot together with the one I eventually used for some Tree&Flower banners.
Oh goodness, I didn't realize these were tiny! What a brilliant photo to make me think they were full size.

I have a necklace with a tiny, thumbnail size journal pendant, handmade by one of my LJ friends. I would need a tiny, tiny nib to write anything in it! http://gildedgears.com/all-jewelry/gear-journal-necklace.html

I wonder if I'm the only one that looks at those beautiful, expensive blank journals at the book store and never buys them not because of the expense but because they're so gorgeous I'm too intimidated to actually write anything in them!
You certainly aren't! I bought some, but I also know I will probably never write in them, because I'm too intimidated... do you know paperblanks? They are so very dangerous...

The size thing wasn't intentional, I thought it was obvious by the size of the plants in the background.

Edit: oh, and that necklace book is terrific!

Edited at 2014-01-17 03:05 pm (UTC)
The size thing wasn't intentional, I thought it was obvious by the size of the plants in the background.

It is... now that I've looked! LOL
That is very nice, and a lovely composition.
Thanks! Could you tell both are miniatures?
A very imaganative photo!
Thank you!
Very clever!
Thanks! It's actually a bit of an emergency choice - I haven't much leisure right now to do new pics to a special subject, so I went through my pics to finde one I could use.
what a great thought - the communication of a taste sensation through tea!
Thank you!
Attractive photo of two of my favorite things (three--I love plants).
Thank you! :o)