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Smile please

September 2019



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Dr 11

wildrider in photo_scavenger


Ah, this one will take more than one picture...

The left-hand side is mostly CDs (the ones I haven't ripped to my computer), cookbooks, games, and VHS tapes; the right-hand side is DVDs (three deep on each shelf, the two cases hold 40 each). The middle (behind guest cat) are some more VHS tapes.

Close up on the DVD shelves:

These are the CDs which I have ripped to the computer:

I forget how many CDs each case holds; something like 50-60, I think.

The ripped library:

iTunes doesn't tell me anymore exactly how many songs I have, but when I had the old iTunes which did, it was around 12,000 songs.

And, well, a side effect of media poisoning (which I am clearly suffering from)...



That's an awesome shelf unit. What a fun collection.
I'm impressed! And I love Stealthy!Guest!Cat.
He likes that basket...
You certainly have a well organised and well contained collection. Can I come and browse!
Well, MOSTLY organized (there was a time it was all alphabetized and categorized, but not so much anymore).

Any time!!!

Mine was the same, until the computer was fried by a lightning strike. My son is at the moment trying to recover the data bases for me, so that they can be transferred to another computer. At least, I have a print out of the audio collection.
I'm seriously considering coughing up the fees to back up my audio collection in the Cloud, but at the moment it's backed up on that external 2-terabyte drive seen there between TARDISes on the desk...
As an aside to Cloud, my brother died suddenly, leaving his business records in total disarray as hadn't left a record of his password to Cloud. He had an accounting and taxation service, and his clients have been left' up a creek without a paddle'. I don't think it will be possible to sort out the mess.
Yeah, it probably IS important to record one's passwords (despite what some securities may tell you), just for this kind of purpose.

I wonder what will happen to people who die suddenly who have computers like this one, which opens when I swipe my fingerprint... (I may have everything set with cookies, but only I can actually turn ON the computer...)
I hadn't heard of that security measure, but it certainly would make it almost impossible for anyone else to get into it. Of course, hackers are always developing new methods of doing so.

I forgot to say before that I really admire the appearance of your storage unit. It looks to be a handsome piece of furniture.
The fingerprint-recognition software is coming in, but the one on the newest iPhone was, in fact, hacked almost instantly (didn't help that a cat paw could open that one) -- but my computer won't unlock unless I swipe exactly right with the correct finger, so I'm pretty comfortable with it.

Thanks! We're quite fond of it. :)
I love the unit that houses so much of your media - and you have an awesome collection.
At last someone with my level of stuff (and horses).
It's almost embarrassing... but I NEED it! :)

They're Barb's horses. She is not quite so stuff-oriented as I am.
Wow, what a collection! "Media poisoning" is a very fitting description, in some parts also of me. *g*
The film of that poster - is it any good? I've heard some people talking about it... *vbg*
Yeah, it wasn't bad. :)

12,000 songs! I'm impressed.

And also guilty of Media Poisoning, although mine is more specifically Tolkien Poisoning, for which no antidote is needed nor desire. *g*
What sometimes worries me is wondering how many there will be when (and if) I ever get ALL the CDs ripped (mostly these days I download music).
Media poisoning! I have a touch of that myself.
Great stuff! All that and cat toys too! You are quite the collector.