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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger

Well Beloved - both of them

My husband Les and our cat Smokey. Smokey died midwinter 2013.
This is a better one of Les, shown in his 'natural' habitat.


:) Was Smokey as enormous as s/he looks?
Smokey really was a very large cat. He weighed 10 1/2 kilos, and that was all muscle. He was a breed called 'Australian Mist' developed to produce a breed that would be happy to stay inside. Some states here have a curfew on cats. The breed is 50% Burmese (they are VERY large), 25% Absynnian, 25% domestic tabby. Smokey was a remarkable cat, very intelligent, and very loyal and loving, dare I say it, more like a dog. He was a rescue cat, and eternally grateful to us for giving him a home. It left a terrible gap in our lives when he passed away. Luckily we now have a new young cat from the Cat's Home which is giving us someone to love again.
I know someone with an Abyssinian. She says that he's more like a dog.

I meant to say - your husband is a cutie, too. :)
Thanks, I think he is a cutie too.
I wonder if the loyalty is Burmese, my cat has it and I'm sure she's half burmese.
Someone else from Photo Scavenger replied and said they had a friend with an Abyssinian, and they were more doglike, so perhaps that is where it comes from.
What nice pictures of both of them.
Thank you.
How sweet to see Smokey on Les' lap! The "natural habitat" made me smile, such a nice shot. :o)
Thank you.
There's so much love in those pictures.
Yes, there is. Thank you for that comment.
*waves* Hi, Les!

He looks a very happy fellow.
Yes, he is most of the time.
Smokey was a lap full! Les has a very nice smile.
Beautiful pictures :-)
Thank you.
Goodness, Smokey certainly was a lap-full. That's a lovely photo, as is the one of Les on his own, such a happy smiley face. :)
Thanks. The 2nd pic of Les really shows him at his best. Smokey was a breed called 'Australian Mist'; 50% Burmese, 25% Abyssinian and 25% domestic tabby. He weighed 10.5kg of muscle. He was the most beautiful and intelligent cat I have ever known, very loving and loyal. This breed has been described as a dog in cat's clothing.
Great photos. They both look like keepers. My condolences on the loss of your cat.
Thank you for the condolences. Smokey died 7 months ago, and we have now recovered from his death to the point of recently adopting a new cat who is a total sweetheart. While he will never take Smokey's place in our hearts, we are already in love with him.
That's lovely. (Hugs)