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Smile please

September 2019



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Camera - panasonic lumix

spikereader in photo_scavenger


In the study we have a small six-drawer unit, and in one of the drawers I store a variety of digital recording media and accessories, handy for when I need to copy something from the PC.

Week 03 - Media


I think I have some of those identical items stashed away near my computer, even down to the classic iPod. :)
Yay to Ipod Classic! ;o)
*g* My daughter and hubby both have new Touches, but I still stick with my old school, clicky-dialed Classic. The idea of taking time to redownload all my music to a new device... meh, I'd rather be reading. Or writing. Or any number of other things!
The idea of taking time to redownload all my music to a new device...
*looks puzzled* Why do you have to do that? Or rather, why is there a problem? Not that I want to talk you into a new device, not at all, but you've got me wondering.
I plug it in and let it sync... I wrecked my first Ipod Classic (I have the 160GB because it replaces our old CD-player), and when I got my new one, I did exactly that. Already once before that, even - I didn't want to have to re-arrange and -sort my Itunes library again after migrating to a larger harddisk in my computer, so the library is on an external HDD now. It consists mainly of CDs I have imported, only very recently I have also bought some music, and I have nothing in any cloud. The sync like that also works well with my Android phone thanks to an App that plugs into the Itunes or so; I just have some additional playlists now which are only synced on the phone, for my convenience. There I have to choose the playlists each time before I sync, but that takes about two minutes or so.
*looks puzzled* Why do you have to do that? Or rather, why is there a problem?

Because, invariably, when try to do anything with iTunes more complex than simply buying music, it tells me I can't do it, or I have to download a new operating system before I can, or it can't find the DRM for 53 songs, so I have to do this... or that... or it just sits there not doing it until I figure out on my own what little step I accidentally missed.

And too, when I do change to a more updated iPod, I want to do a lot of re-organizing of my music, which I don't feel really up to at the moment.

I'm glad it works easily for you, though.
Oh, I see, and completely understand! *hugs* I have been there with my first installation of the Itunes, which I didn't want to update everytime because it never kept my preferences of how I want to view it (still doesn't). But when I couldn't access it any longer because I had to switch to a new OS, I decided to bite into the sour apple, start the library completely anew and have diligently kept up with the updates since then. But that really needs some time, that's true. I keep my fingers firmly crossed that your installation keeps as long as you need it! *hugs*
The iPod is in the drawer as it's been superseded by two iPhones which I keep my on the go music on. I put audio books onto this one instead.
Ah. Mine is in a drawer or bowl most of the time for "kitty protection", as I found out the hard way it won't survive even a fall from knee height on a elastic, wooden floor, unlike any other electronic device I own, and one of our felines likes to "paw" stuff like this from a horizontal surface. I have a lot of audible titles by now and use the phone for those audiobooks, as the audible app is more convenient than the itunes for audiobooks IMHO, with keeping and renaming several bookmarks and such. The phone also doubles for the to go music,
If I want to listen to an audio book I put it onto the iPod, that way I don't get random chapters when I'm listening to my iPhone music on shuffle!
Such a nicely-organized drawer! Very different than my messy ones.
All the drawers in that unit are quite tidy, surprisingly. The cupboard next to it (can't see it in the picture) is a completely different story though.
That is very organised - and neat and tidy - aha! It has given me an idea... dashes off with camera....
I was surprised how tidy it was, considering I usually just throw things into it. I like it when one picture gives you an idea for another.
So orderly!!! you can't see the bottom or sides of the drawer my stuff is in - and I can barely get the drawer shut!
The whole unit is fairly tidy, but it's not been in use all that long. The drawers in the cupboard under the stairs (indeed, the whole cupboard under the stairs) would tell a different story!
The thing that strikes me is how empty that drawer is. I wish I had empty drawers!
I have full drawers as well. This unit hasn't been in use long enough to get overflowing just yet.
I admire how orderly your drawer is. *tightly shuts her drawers and tapes them shut* My very similar collection is scattered around here and there...
Considering I just throw things into the drawer when I don't need them, it was surprisingly tidy. (Unlike the drawer with all the USB cables, power supplies and plug adaptors!).
*g* I have hung the USB cables from hooks above my desk now (the desk sits under a sloped roof) to avoid the Gordian tangles I produced. One does own far too many stuff with specially-designed USB cables, don't we?
That makes so much sense. We can never find a thumb drive when we need it.
It's nice to have them all handy - previously everything was in a variety of drawers, boxes and bags throughout the house.
This photo reminds me that I am in need of a couple flash drives. I also really wish my drawers were that neat.
I'm quite proud of my tidy drawer at the end of this! Next time I'll take a picture of a really messy one. *g*