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I'm determined to fulfill every prompt this year, but I have to admit, this was a tough one for me. I finally decided to give you my daily view, which includes several types of media: my computer (which is sometimes replaced by my work laptop), the TV beyond it (which frequently shows NCIS, as it does in this picture), various components (currently unused, because TiVo does everything) and, to the right, stacks of CDs that pretty much never get played (I blush to confess that some aren't even open) because of the aforementioned always-on TV. But perhaps most tellingly, that's my hamster Poppy's cage palace in front of the CDs, and that's kind of emblematic of how much my animals have taken over my life and how much I welcome that development.

So, without further

 photo MediaResize_zps17f0102f.jpg
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