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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


This is a photo taken near the Mississippi River while on a trip to New Orleans.
I did a bit of photo shop on the color and the framing. I hope that's allowed.
I loved the way these birds were perched on this statue.

And because only one bird photo isn't enough...

A little glass bird that I purchased for no reason at all other than the fact that I thought it was cute. It looks shy to me.

And finally, some doves, I believe, near a B&B I stayed in while in the UK. This was somewhere between London and Edinburgh. I am
Terrible at recalling locations, especially when I'm not doing the driving.


That first one is really neat... I like the way the birds are all facing the same direction as the statue--makes for a lot of movement in the photo.

What a cute little ceramic bird... he does look a little shy! And the doves in the dovecote with the hint of the flower in the foreground looks very warm and springy. I need warm and springy this cold morning, so thank you! :)
Thank you. I got lucky with that first one.
This morning, we have snow so I needed something warm and spring-ish too. Glad you liked them.
The funny thing is, the dove photo was taken in late September.
Great photos!
Thank you! I take that as a huge compliment coming from you since, as you know, I adore your photos.
That is really lovely!
Thank you.
I really like all of those.
Thanks so much. Each bring very nice memories to mind.
That statue is wonderful. As someone else said, it has a real sense of movement to it.
Those birds were just perfectly posed. I got lucky turning up when I did. The statue had its own sense of motion even without the birds but with them, it seemed far more evident.
Terrific pics! I love the first one, it absolutely has this special something.
And I had to giggle at your description "somewhere between London and Edinburgh". *g*

(BTW, do you remember our talk about Lego Orthanc? I have it now standing on our dinner table [because there is no place anyhwere else for the huge thing] - it was as awesome to assemble as it looked.)
Lol that is the extent of the directional skill, 'somewhere between London and Edinburgh'. Normally, I try to take photos of signs so I will remember where I was when I look at the photos. In this case, I know I was on my way back from Edinburgh, at was a lovely B&B, they had a scoccer-playing dog named Sam, and I was out of the US for the first time ever. Beyond that, where I was is anyone's guess.

Very cool about Lego Orthanc! I do recall that conversation. I'm glad to know that you got it and built it. I imagine it does take up a huge amount of space. And now, you eat your meals in the shadow of the Tower of Orthanc. That makes me smile.