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Smile please

September 2019



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cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


nutmeg3's photo helped me remember I have these tucked away for next Christmas:

 photo IMAG2604-1_zps7261342e.jpg

 photo IMAG2606-1_zps8939512e.jpg

They're two ornaments I picked up for pennies (okay, a few dollars) a few weeks ago at Pier 1's after-Christmas clearance sale. I love their ornaments, and I love them even more when they're marked down 75%! :D


Pier 1... ♥ that place

Those are so lovely!
I could do some serious damage to the bank account at Pier 1!
I think that peacock needs that tumour looking at!

(They are both very pretty though, especially the peacock) but I still can't fathom what peacocks and owls (and especially all the butterflies I keep seeing) have to do with Christmas.
but I still can't fathom what peacocks and owls (and especially all the butterflies I keep seeing) have to do with Christmas.

The peacock is associated with the resurrection of Christ, actually, and can often be found in Christian iconography:


As for butterflies, the symbolism of the caterpillar "dying" only to re-emerge has long been associated with the burial and resurrection of Christ. Owls... not so sure the connection is to Christendom specifically might be, other than symbolizing wisdom in general.

It's probably unlikely most people buying these types of ornaments realize their symbolic history. They're likely just getting them for their beauty or for the cute factor. And there's nothing wrong with that.
Those are absolutely beautiful ornaments.
I thought they were very lovely... and they were the stuff "left over". I wish I'd gone earlier to see what sold out quickly!
The owl's adorable, but the peacock's a stunner.
It was love at first sight with the peacock. The owl I picked up more for the cute factor... plus it reminds me of my late mother, who loved owls. :)
I have no idea what Pier 1 is, but these are really lovely!
Aren't they pretty? I couldn't resist (especially given the peacock one was only a dollar).

Pier 1 is a home decor store chain here in the US (and maybe other countries?). It started out as an import store back in the 1970s--nothing fancy, just inexpensive baskets and wicker and a few other ethnic type things from other countries (like jewelry and knick-knacks). But over the years it's expanded into nicer furniture, china, mirrors, all kinds of stuff. I love the eclectic mix--I seriously could re-do my entire house with nothing other than things from Pier 1!

Their website: www.pier1.com
Oh dear, that shop sounds extremely dangerous to me! *goes peeking* IS totally dangerous! *g* Good thing they're so far away.
It is HIGHLY dangerous, yes! LOL I have a gift card from Christmas so I can do a little shopping, but mostly I stay out because it's just too much temptation for me to bear. LOL
Very nice ornaments:)
I'm looking forward to seeing them again next Christmas!