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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger


It's been a good week for birds, although they rarely hang around until I can grab the camera and get into position to take their pictures. Today, all we seem to have right now are cardinals (lots of cardinals) and a small flock of sparrows. Usually, there would be juncos, chickadees, various and sundry finches, blue jays, starlings, wood peckers of various sizes, and so on. Needless to say, just because I wanted to take their pictures…. (I could probably get some pics at the other feeder in the backyard, but that would entail standing around in the cold and snow until they stopped worrying about me and came back to feed. So not happening.LOL) Because today's pics are so boring, I also threw in one from yesterday where the hawk was perched over the pond. He very resolutely kept his back to us, so no face pics.

Without further ado…

aloof hawk

 photo P1020219_zps9f549970.jpg

greedy cardinal hiding from the snow in the feeder

 photo P1020229_zpsc3451373.jpg

sparrows catching the things he drops

 photo P1020230_zpsbec3b98e.jpg

And some older pics:

 photo IMG_0290.jpg

 photo IMG_0126.jpg


Terrific shots, all of these, but I'm especially drawn to the owl and the cardinal in the tree--that red is always so striking against snow.
Cardinals are very photo-friendly at this time of the year. Such contrast with evergreen trees and/or the snow. The owl very kindly sat on that branch just a few feet from out front door long enough for us to take multiple pictures of him. Much more obliging than the hawk who is very spooky.
I do love the owl - he looks as if he is wearing a woolly scarf - but the cardinal in the bird-feeder is my favourite.
The owl is an awesome bird. We haven't seen him lately, but we hear him in the evenings. And yes, the cardinal really had set himself up to both keep the snow off his head and not have to move far to get more seeds. :)
Oh, that clever cardinal!
I tend to think of them as very stupid birds, but in this case....
How long ago did you take that cardinal shot? I feel like I've seen it before -- I'd have to go through my old downloads, but I think it was one of the ones I found when I was looking for "cardinals" a few years ago! (I love it!)
Um... it was probably a few years ago? We didn't have much snow last year or the year before. I was looking for one of a cardinal sitting in the spruce tree with snow, but I couldn't find it on PB and was too lazy to go through all my photos to find it, put it on PB and then post. :) They're so plentiful around here that I probably have lots of pictures of them. Took two or three today, but I liked the guy sitting in the feeder best.

ETA Believe it or not, I found this one - January 2011 is the date on it.

Edited at 2014-01-22 02:41 am (UTC)
Cardinals don't come down into Phoenix proper anymore, although apparently they used to be plentiful!
Wonderful, but I especially love the greedy cardinal. They're just so vibrant I can't help falling for them.
Great shots! And how I envy you to have so colourful birds as the cardinals... the best we get are blue tits and great spotted woodpeckers.
Our feeders are quite deserted this year - our winter is so unusually warm that we have only very few birds with very little variety - the rest probably hadn't come so far south at all.
Well, our winter certainly hasn't been warm! LOL But I seem to be missing some of the birds I would expect to see.
Very nice, if slightly chilling, shots