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Smile please

September 2019



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Audrey tellement francaise

brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger



A swan on the sunny Thames at Kingston. The river's wide here, and as you can see quite still at the edges. It's just tidal here, but we're close to Teddington Lock, upstream from where the Thames tides no longer have an effect. This is an old photo, but when I was there a couple of weeks back - when further up the river there was serious flooding - the centre of the river was shipping so much water on the ebb tide that you could see gulls just sitting on the surface yet moving faster than cyclists on the banks! Needless to say, attempts to photograph that didn't go too well...


There are a lot, and the swarm round people with bread. As you'd expect, really.


I love how dramatic that first shot is.
Thanks! A fluke, but I'm pleased with it.
I really like the light in that first one.
Thanks! It was a beautiful day on the river.
How lovely. Swans are so beautiful.
Aren't they? Lovely to photograph.

(In the water, at least. We've a breeding pair at work who are aggressive and smelly. And also attack themselves in the windows. But this one doesn't live at my work so it's okay by me.)
That first photo is stunning. And it's very interesting to see so many swans all flocked together. Around my area, you don't see big flocks of swans, just the occasional one or two by themselves, and then only in "domesticated" places like ponds in front of big office buildings or in parks.
Thanks! The Thames does have a lot of swans - enough that it's a place for swan-upping - it may be archaic, but you definitely need a lot of swans to make it worthwhile...

We also have two in the pond at my office. They are stroppy and smelly and not my faves at all. Much better on the open river.
You all seem to have such an intimate relationship with your rivers. It's as if you never expect them to flood and it's okay to build right up to the edge and make the river part of the city. It really struck me when we were in the UK, how integrated the rivers were. We' re more inclined, I think to build bridges over them. :) Not that there are not plenty of river walks, but they seem to be usually more... parklike? I dunno. Like we're keeping our distance, even when we're not. I didn't explain that well. *sigh*
They are lovely. Such graceful birds.
That swan pic is marvellous, with these light reflections...
I really love that first photo