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Smile please

September 2019



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Dr 11

wildrider in photo_scavenger


This is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken (and it's of a bird, so seemed to be the right place for it):

A trip to the Phoenix Zoo:

Black vulture:

Golden Eagles:

The Arizona State Bird (Cactus Wren):

Mystery Bird taken on the island nation of St. Kitts:

A Magnificent Frigatebird--

(which is the most awesome thing you will EVER see in flight, although on the ground it looks something like a cormorant):

And then, flamingos!


Terrific set! I have a soft spot for eagles and frigate birds.
The first time I saw a frigate bird in flight, I thought certain it was a kite. They fascinated me so much I had to do a lot of searching through Caribbean birds when I got back -- and the next time I went, I knew what I was looking for! I was VERY pleased to get a shot of one in flight!
Flamingos have to be one of the most fascinating sights on Earth. And oh, love that cactus wren on the cactus! How fitting. This is a great selection.
Those are great - thank you!

I really like the ones of the mystery bird, especially.
I love these! And at first glance I thought that headstone said "Raven," which would have been just too funny.
That was what we thought when we first saw him there (this was a cemetery in Santa Fe), then realized -- but it still proved to be a classic shot!
How perfect! (the crow or raven). Your mystery bird looks like some sort of swallow.
Definitely a raven, of the northern New Mexico variety (common raven).

We were sitting in a little pub near the shore, and it was, honest to God, the first bird I'd seen on that strange little island! Usually when we would go to a Caribbean beach, there were gulls and cormorants and dozens of other birds, but on St. Kitts? Nothing!

It was weird.
Great pics! I love the first one best, such a beautiful bird.
So many great shots. I love that little bird.
Very nice photos