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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


To be honest I thought when I set this challenge that I was being very soft on myself...

Here are three of my favourite bird pictures -

He looks to be saying "Should we do lunch?"

Should we do lunch?

This is Batty the Bateleur Eagle -

Batty, the Bateleur Eagle

And this is a young Common Buzzard -

Young Common Buzzard


Well done on having 3 bird pics to post. They are difficult to capture.
To be honest, the gulls around here are real posers - they are really not worried about people, so I can almost always find a bird willing to pose!
Those are really very good pictures, all three. They look like birds with personality!
Thank you - they do, rather.
I just love these. Especially the expression on that first one's face!
Great shots! I love taking pictures of birds!
Thank you - they are sometimes very good at posing!
I am pretty sure he is hoping that I will be sharing my sandwich with him.
They are gorgeous!
Thank you!
All wonderful, but I love that purple-footed gull because he's so expressive.
He was being hopeful - I was sitting in my car eating my lunch and he was expecting there would be a share for him because many people do give them something under those circumstances! But it was such an appealing expression, I thought, and he really wasn't bothered when I got the camera out, at all.
That second one is the very definition of "eagle-eyed gaze". And the buzzard looks far more handsome than our turkey buzzards.
I like the way they are all looking with determination at something.

H really is just an ordinary buzzard...
Terrific pics! I like the pose of the first one. I can never decide if gulls or ravens are my favourite birds.
Thank you. Gulls are simply a fact of life around here - scavenging even stuff you haven't actually thrown away yet!

*g* Don't I know that. Once at a beach in Brittany, a gull stole my still closed yoghurt and flew away with it.
I love all three of them but my favorite is that first one. So expressive.
Thank you - he does have an expressive face, doesn't he?
Gorgeous birds, and I love the cheeky expression on the gull:-)
Gulls are so much part of our landscape that I usually 'don't see them' - but just now and again they become the subject of pictures. He was too cute to miss, really.

And that is a perfect icon!