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Smile please

September 2019



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Love - Shadowfax8

shirebound in photo_scavenger


I camped and hiked in the Badlands of South Dakota in 2007, and saw *many* interesting mammals. Here are two of them! (I had to scan these photos, so they're a bit faded looking.)

A buffalo that walked up to investigate our van.


That's me on the left, popping out of my little blue tent to see the buffalo walking through our camp.


We saw hundreds of prairie dogs, which live with their families in "towns" underground. Every once in awhile, a bunch of them would pop up from nowhere, start barking and chattering at us, then disappear again. Here, one brave one decides to investigate our trail snacks. (A few of our group had no idea he was right in front of them!)




Oh, the buffalo!!! We went through an American "safari park" in Missouri where they had buffalo -- it's staggering how huge they are close up.

It's amazing how little South Dakota has changed since I was a child. The pictures we took there show the same prairie -- in 1970!
It's comforting to know that there are still prairies out there, and buffalo, and prairie dogs.
Well, prairie dogs we have in abundance.... (there's a lovely "town" at the Phoenix Zoo.) They're nifty.
Those are all awesome, but I especially love the prairie dogs. I've been fascinated by them since I was 3. I don't actually remember that far back, but my parents told me all about it.
They're fascinating little beings.

Love your icon!
Thanks. A friend made it for me from one of my Madagascar pics.
That pic of the people with their binoculars while the prairie dog sneaks up on them is a riot!
I love that scene, it's full of so much humor.
What a fascinating trip it must have been. I love the last picture especially.
I'm so glad I went on that trip. I had wanted to experience the Badlands for many years.
That last one is so funny! What a terrific trip that must have been.
It really was. I'd been wanting to go there for years.
Such fun photos! I love that little prairie dog. So cute.
He probably was thinking, "The snack bar is finally open!"
Tom Lehrer's phrase "half a tonne of angry pot-roast" comes to mind *g* (even if that refers to a bullfight, even so, you don't want these upset at you either)

And I like prairiedogs nearly as much as meerkats:-)
Tom Lehrer! That really takes me back. What a genius.

The prairie dogs were everywhere! It was really a pleasure to observe (and hear) them.
I love the buffalo just standing there in that first shot. That must have been an amazing trip.
It really was. I'd been longing to visit the Badlands for years. We weren't disappointed.