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Smile please

September 2019



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Viggo Hidalgo hanging out

cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


One of my favorite kinds of mammal:

 photo SleepySnowball_zpsc0f039af.jpg

No, it's not my horse. We don't have room nor money to own horses, alas. This sleepyhead is Snowball, one of the horses at our local trail ride place.


I love horses - and love that shot. (Also the movie in our icons. *g*)
Thank you, and yay, Hidalgo! *g* I just watched part of that the other day... it was on the tv as I was fixing supper. I need to re-watch the entire thing one of these days.
Lovely horse, and a lovely shot. Why am I not surprised? ;o)
Thank you! And hee... I can't imagine *why* you're not surprised. :D
*pets pets*
I bet she likes being petted. All the horses there were so gentle.
Hee - dogs and horses would be my favorites, but I wanted to go with something harder to find. (not that squirrels and deer are exactly HARD to find, but not something everybody has, I guess)
Well, for me, horses *are* hard to find. I live in cattle country but there's not a lot of horses where I can easily take photos (though there are about a half dozen or so in pastures about a mile down the road--but nowhere safe to pull over to take photos). I almost posted a photo of a deer, but then saw your post. So for me, a hard-to-find horse it was. :)
LOL I have lots of horse and dog pics. That just would have been too easy.
Awwwww, such a sweet photo!
All the horses at that place are so sweet and even-tempered. :)
That is a lovely picture of a rather handsome horse.
Thank you! And I'm sure Snowball would thank you as well, if he/she woke up. *g*
That looks like a horse in need of forehead scritches *g*
I imagine those would be very welcome. :)
Aw, that picture just makes you want to put your hand out and stroke her.
After I took the pic, that's exactly what I did. :)