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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger

Well beloved (catching up a bit)

This is Thomas, or Tom. He came to us when he was around a year old. He originally belonged to a neighbor who put him outside when she decided to raise pure bred cats for sale. Although Thomas had been fixed, she didn't want him around her money-makers. My son, although he was only 18 months old at that time, saw Thomas's worth and insisted as only a small child can, that we bring Tommy inside out of the cold. Thomas became family. We easily got the misguided neighbor to give him to us and he was a valued and much-loved member of our family for 18 years. He had one bad eye and was very quick to bring out his claws if displeased but in all of his years with us, he never once scratched my son. He got everyone false but not his boy. I will always miss Thomas.


Oh, what a dear one! ♥ How lucky for him to have found you, and for you to have got him, and how awesome he had so much time with you.

"He originally belonged to a neighbor who put him outside when she decided to raise pure bred cats for sale. Although Thomas had been fixed, she didn't want him around her money-makers."
I hope I don't offend, but I really dislike this kind of people/behaviour. Our late Pelle was a cat from the breeder as well (because for once I wanted a cat without any psychological or medical baggage - to no avail), and at the time I've been in several cat forums due to our ill and problem cats. I've met all kinds of breeders who kept their non-purebred ones, or, in the case of non-acceptance of other cats, found them loving new homes. Among the tips how to find a serious, good breeder who really cares about the animals was looking out if any non-breeding cats were around, or at least older ones who were no longer used, but were allowed to remain in their familiar home.
Thomas was a very entertaining, clever cat. I had just lost a cat when he turned up and I wasn't ready for another one, but my son was ready and so Thimas came in to stay.
He needed a home and the neighbor in question with the pure breeds was a strange person on most levels. I have never purchased a cat because where I live there are so many rescues in need of homes. I have had a couple of pure breed cats, but they were both rescues too.
A pox upon that neighbor. She didn't deserve him, and clearly had no idea what it means to actually love an animal. And hurray for your son, who knew far better than she did what really matters in life.
The only good thing about the neighbor's attitude is that it got us a really brilliant cat and dear family member. The son has always been good at cat selection.

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What a dear post. Thomas was a very lucky kitty.
He was such a character and we felt very lucky to know him.
What a lovel story!
Thank you. Thomas was one of a kind.
What a sweet kitty to never scratch your son. He knew who his rescuer was, didn't he. I'm glad he found a good home.
Thomas was a very clever cat and he, like most cats, selected his person. The rest of us were just extras. Lol
He looks a cat of character - and I can see why he was well-beloved.
He was a wonderful cat and very clever. I still miss him but I often recall his antics with fondness.
He was a gorgeous cat.
Thank you. He was very particular about his appearance. He was an inside/outside cat but I rarely saw the white portion of his fur get dirty.
Aw, I'm glad that Tom found a family to appreciate him.
We loved him dearly and still miss him.