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Smile please

September 2019



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M&D wedding

debris4spike in photo_scavenger


A catch up as I have been struggling with a virus (which is why I missed the last few weeks of last year)

Anyway - a thought on Beloved ... the phrase "Dearly Beloved" came to me, so have taken a photo of this necklace.  My grandfather bought it for my grandmother as a gift for their wedding - she wore it once in 1920 ... then it was the "something borrowed" for my aunt in 1944 and my mum in 1952 (see icon!).  I have worn it 4 times!  I have been bridesmaid 3 times ... once where my mum stood in as "mother of the bride" and the other 2 times when my 2 brothers married.

 photo DSC_0620_zps6b38f1c6.jpg

Then in 2012 I was able to wear it again ... as in the picture here ... for my parents Diamond Anniversary.


What a lovely heirloom! Are the stones sapphires (my monitor shows them as a dark blue)?

I hope you're over that virus.
Thanks - still battling the virus though!

I don't know what the stones are, but they are certainly blue.
That is a very cool history and definitely "beloved."
It is lovely to keep these family pieces.
What a lovely piece of jewellery - and most certainly well-beloved.
It is a very specialy necklace.
What an amazing family heirloom!
I am so happy to have this family heritage.
Oh, it's much finer than I thought it was from the original picture. How very lovely. Those look like what is called London Topaz. Are they? Or are they a bit bluer and more in the sapphire family instead?

- Erulisse (one L)
I don't know what the stones are ... I just love the necklace and it's family history!
What a neat answer to the prompt, and what a beautiful - and very different - piece. With that history, no wonder you love it.
It is certainly a very special necklace.
What a lovely family piece, with an even lovelier story to it. And how great you could celebrate your parent's Diamond Anniversary! ♥
I am so happy to have this family heritage. That was a lovely day ... 60 years of being together ... and still happy ... wonderful.
What a wonderful family heirloom.

I hope you're starting to feel better!
I am so happy to have this family heritage.

Thanks - still battling the virus though!
How very special! A lovely piece of jewelry with a family history. Wonderful use of the prompt. You have a lovely family.
It is a special piece of jewellery ... much beloved.

Thank you - my family are very special to me as well.
What a lovely family heirloom to have.
These are the pieces of jewellery that I really don't want to ever lose.