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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger


Firstly, our new cat Ginger.
My husband has been in hospital for the past 9 days, and he has now been transferred to the medical ward. Obviously there are children on this floor also, as this wonderful mural covers a large area of the wall near the entrance. The animals in the top right are definitely mammals, I think they may be bilbies, or possible quolls, but I'm not sure. To the left are 3 platypuses (platypi) with an emu underneath, a bird I'm not sure about with a kookaburra below, and bottom a frilled lizard and the top half of a pelican.

I may as well show some more of it, as it is really special, even though it is not possible to get it all in one shot.
This starts at the other end. At top left is a Xmas version of a platypus, then a possum, then a frilled lizard and a wombat made from Xmas paper, and finally a pink galah (a type of parrot). Along the bottom there is a kangaroo wearing a santa hat, and a pelican.

Pelican, lizard, 3 kangaroos, a grey possum, 2 bats with another emu above.


Awwww, Ginger! What a sweetie.

That's a marvelous mural. I hope your husband can come home soon.
Ginger is a lovely cat, so sweet natured, apart from being beautiful.

I like the mural. It looks as though some of it may have been made as therapy in the children's ward, as a lead up to Xmas.
I think he will be coming home later this week. In the meantime I have had firstly his sister and her husband, and now one his sons staying here. I am enjoying having his son visit, as he feels like a son to me. We get on really well.
I'm so sorry to hear your husband's in the hospital and I hope he comes home soon. In the meantime that mural is unbelievably wonderful and could make anyone feel better.
I'm hoping hubby might be home soon, now that they have worked out what is wrong with him. Looking more closely at the mural I think some of it may have been made by children in the ward, during the lead up to Xmas.

I like your icon. any special significance to it in the selection of a wombat?
Wombats are a favoorite animal. I always say we're the same: kind of fat and lumpy with brown hair.
They are very strong too. I heard a story once about a pet wombat, who went to sleep under the TV, back in the days when they were huge, cumbersome things on 4 legs. When the wombat woke up, it stood up and took the TV with it.
If that had been the days of smartphones, imagine how many youtube views that would have gotten!
Yes, indeed!
What lovely art work, and your cat is beautiful. I hope your husband is feeling better very soon.
The art work is lovely, and looking more closely at it I think some of it may have been done by children on the ward, as therapy during the lead up to Xmas.Yes, Ginger is a gorgeous cat, very sweet natured and beautiful. I'm hoping my hubby will be home soon, the medical team seem to be closer to working out what exactly is wrong with him. Having grown up on a sheep farm I love your icon. I'm very fond of sheep. There was a farm cat that developed a special relationship ship with one of the orphaned lambs, and you would see it strolling off to the paddock, where it would sit beside it's friend. Needless to say, the orphaned lambs never went off to market, or had their tails docked, so you could always tell they had been nursed in the kitchen during the first few days of their lives. They regarded my mother as their mother too, and when she walked up to the main gate to get the mail, you would see sedate woolly matrons rushing up to her to say hello to 'Mum".
Awwwww, I love sheep! I spent much of my first visit to the UK pointing at them out the car window and saying, "look! She do!" Lol
On my last visit there, my friends took me to a B&B that was also a working sheep farm and I got to feed a lamb. I was thrilled.
I can understand what a thrill that would have been.
What a beautiful cat!Wishing your husband a speedy recovery.

Edited at 2014-02-01 05:56 am (UTC)
Yes, we think Ginger is very lovely too, and such a sweet personality. Thanks on behalf of my husband. He has been having lots of tests, but he seems to be closer to finding out what has been wrong with him. It is not the first time he has been taken to hospital in the ambulance. He has been having falls for a quite a while.
What a marvelous, colorful and joyful wall of animals and birds (oh, and can't forget the marvelous lizards too). I really loved seeing this.

I hope your DH can get home soon. It's no fun to be ill, and hospitals lose their cachet after the first day of being awakened every time you finally manage to get some sleep.

- Erulisse (one L)
I had a good look at the mural yesterday while I was out in the hall, waiting for the doctor to finish with Les. I think it may have been a Xmas project for the children who were in the medical ward. Each part of it has been individually made, and then attached to the wall.

I'm hoping DH will be home soon. At the moment it looks as though his Pacemaker isn't functioning properly.
That mural is wonderful. It must make going along that corridor so much better for the children - and for the adults, too.

Here is my Christmas wombat to go with the Christmas one on the wall!
I like your Xmas wombat.
Sorry to learn about your husband's medical issues. I hope he's on the mend now and will be out of there soon.
He expects to be home soon. It is nearly 2 weeks now. They are still doing tests.
Ginger looks lovely (and the tail is about half a second cat *g*). The mural looks great.

And wishing your husband a speedy recovery.
Thank you. I agree, the tail is amazing, and the mural is very interesting.

I'm hoping hubby will be home very soon.
What a great mural, particularly for children! How great that they show only native animals, too. And what a lovely pic of Ginger. I suppose he has become a true dear by now, hasn't he?

(And gosh, has it been 9 days already? *hugs* )
Yes, he is a 'true dear' by now, but I still get glimpses of Smokey from the corner of my eye. I mentioned that to Les, and he said he had seen him too. I'm glad he hasn't left us.

The mural really brightens the entrance to the wards. 12 days now, but I think Les will be home soon.
Ginger is a very handsome cat (love that tail, it looks so soft!). That mural is wonderful - a great way to keep the children occupied, and something lasting for visitors and patients to enjoy.

I hope your husband is doing better and will be home soon.
I agree, Ginger is beautiful.

I'm hoping hubby will be home later this week.
I hope they figure out your husband's medical problems soon. Even with colorful art on the wall, hospitals aren't where you want to spend a lot of time!

Ginger is a lovely kitty. *pets*
I'm hoping hubby will be home later this week. They are still doing tests, but they are talking of getting him on his feet soon, and I am hopeful that once he can walk unaided he will be coming home.

Ginger is such a sweet natured little puss, he has become part of our family very quickly.