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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


We do have quite a lot of sheep where I live...

Sheep 2

And here is a cheeky squirrel I met whilst in Yorkshire...

Hawes,  squirrel in feeder

This is what he looked like when not upside down in the bird-feeder -

Hawes  squirrel


That squirrel is quite cute. But those sheep! ♥ One of the sweetest sheep pics I ever saw.
I have quite a lot of sheep pictures. They are all around us; a bit like the gulls, but less likely to steal your sandwiches!
Such cute sheep! And Yorkshire squirrels look pretty much the like the squirrels we have here.
The Yorkshire squirrel would look familiar - he is an American grey... they were imported as a fashionable garden novelty in the late nineteenth century and, of course, bred and moved out of the gardens.

The greys are both larger than the local reds and carry squirrelpox virus which they are mainly immune to, but which is lethal to the locals. So they have completely replaced the native squirrels in much of Britain. The native, reds, now are only found on the fringes - a few in Cornwall, and some more in Scotland.
Well, that explains the resemblance! I had no idea our squirrels are now plaguing enjoying your fair isles.
There has been a lot of debate as to whether they should cull them to give the reds a better chance of avoiding extinction - but they are well and truly naturalised by now, so I don't think that would be possible to any extent - they are here to stay.
Such a sweet little black lamb. And that squirrel's lucky to have extricated himself from that feeder!
The first time we saw him do that in the bird-feeder we thought he must get stuck - but he quickly got out - the next time he did it I snatched the camera!
The sheep are adorable, but you know my weakness for squirrels... *g*
I'm a softy for squirrels too - which is why we put nuts out on the bird-table to save him the bother of trying to get into the feeder!
Awwww, sheeps and squirrel. These shots are so nice.
Thank you - I'm pleased that you like them.
I love sheep. Can't see enough of them. Great photos!
Sheep outnumber people here, I think. So they are a regular source of subjects!
I love sheep and squirrels. How wonderful!

- Erulisse (one L)
Sheep really do outnumber people here - but we have to go to the mainland to see squirrels, so I am always fascinated by them.