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Smile please

September 2019



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Carolyn - Red

spikereader in photo_scavenger


Back to Colchester Zoo last summer for these. A mother and baby white rhino sleeping in the sun, and a meerkat keeping a lookout (probably for the keeper with the food who was on her way).

Week 05 - Mammals 1

Week 05 - Mammals 2

And a couple of mammals often seen on my iPhone - my daughter delights in taking photos of herself and one of the cats (Spice - Milo doesn't stand for cuddles) in look alike poses.

Week 05 - Mammals 3


Great pics! The last one is awesome - what a cool idea to take this kind of pics!
I never know what photos I'm going to find on my phone!
Aw, what a cute selfie your daughter took! I love their matching expressions. :)

And a baby rhino!
She loves that cat to pieces, luckily she's a placid thing and doesn't mind being picked up all the time.

Baby rhino was gorgeous. :)
Baby rhino for the win!
It was lovely, I was so glad we got to see it (can't remember if it was a boy or girl!)
I adore that look-alike pose!

Ohhh, baby rhino. *melts*
I think she'd like to be a cat! Baby rhino was gorgeous.
All adorable:-)
Thanks :)
My favourite is that last one, absolutely. It is a very good lookalike pose.
Thanks - she'd be a cat herself if she could, I'm sure!
I love that baby rhino! Your daughter is doing a great kitty face there. Too cute! Great photos!
Thanks - I think she'd love to be a cat herself!
Great photos, and love the duo at the end...

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks, glad you enjoyed them :)
The look-alike pose really made me laugh!
(I loved all the pictures though :-)
Glad you liked them - my daughter would be a cat if she could, I'm sure!
hehe cute! :-)