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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


This is Fred, an opossum who used to drop by and eat the dry cat food on our porch now and then.

And this is a photo of Blanco, the horse who played Shadowfax in the LOTR films. He and his trainer were in Columbus, Ohio at.
Horse fare some years back and we got to see him. He is beautiful in person and very clever.

And finally, this is Larry, the bull. He allowed us to pet him and photograph him which surprised me. I thought bulls were generally
Unfriendly, but Larry was a sweet heart!

I'm proud of myself now. This prompt, I did not post any cats. That's very difficult for me to do.


Blanco is stunning. I was lucky enough to meet him, too.

Aren't opposums fascinating looking? Awww, Fred was nearly a pet.
Pippinfan and I went together to see Blanco, one of my favorite LOTR stars. Just as handsome in person as on film too. Glad you got to see him too.

Fred was very brave and not too worried about me being there so getting his photo was pretty easy. </p>

Larry was such a surprise. So sweet.

Love them all, but especially the opossum. I have a real soft spot for them (and several artistic versions around my house).
Fred was quite a charmer. When he first showed up he had another opossum with him. I was calling her Ethel. She left before Fred did. Prior to Fred, we had a series of opossum dinner guest. We called all of the Splinter. Sometimes, they can be hard to tell apart.
Great pics! I love the close up of Fred.
Thank you. He was very photogenic.
Aw, Fred's cute! And that's saying something, when you talk about possums.

Blanco never seems a noble enough name for that beautiful horse.

Very nice photos, all of these.
Thank you. Blanco isn't enough of a name, is it? Maybe Sir Blanco? Lol
Or perhaps Sr. Caballo Blanco Fuerto Magnífico y Valiente! (Mr. Strong, Magnificent and Valiant White Horse... or at least, I think that's what I said. That's what I meant, but my Spanish is very, very rusty. LOL)
Now that's a proper name! My Spanish is very rusty also. I've no use for it most of the time so it's getting harder and harder to recall.
The opossum is wonderfully cute!

(We have horses and bulls aplenty around here - but definitely no opossums!)
I have plenty of opossum here but for bulls and horses, I have to go elsewhere.
ohai fred!

He's a cutie isn't he?
Good gracious, how cute is that opossum? ♥ Hi, Fred! *waves* Also, how awesome you could meet Blanco, and Larry looks really friendly and kind.
Fred was very pretty. Some opossum have such sweet little faces. They get a bad rap. Blanco was beautiful. Photos don't do him justice. Larry surprised me the most though. I'd never met a bull and wasn't expecting him to be so tame.