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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


I don't have any fish and rarely manage good photos of them when I see them. I am, however, a huge fan of the fish in this photo. I prefer the regular ones but these are the holiday fish, green and red. : /

I prefer them when they aren't dyed odd colors even tho I know it doesn't effect the taste, but if I eat them in the dark I don't notice the difference.

This is a plastic container that you can store the fish in but personally, I rarely have them around long enough to store them. I enjoy them so much that I once wrote a poem about them. I have too much spare time...


Great response. You made me laugh. (And you made me hungry. *g*)
Oh good! I'm glad you enjoyed this. I was stumped. I have no real fish photos worth posting.
They sound fun - I've never heard of them - and a really eat response too!
They are made by a company called Pepridge Farms. They are salty, and cheesy and very tasty.
My daughter loved these when she was little! I don't think she ever wrote an ode to them, though. :D
Lol. One Ode to Goldfish crackers is probably enough.
Wheeee, I love your choice!

*grabs a handful*
Eat as many as you like. I always buy more. These fish are one of my main foods.
; )
Great answer to the prompt! :o) Are these sweet or savoury? We used to have savoury, cracker-like "goldfish" which I totally loved as a kid, but they aren't around any longer. Not coloured, though.
They taste like Cheddar cheese and are salty. They're baked do they are crunchy. They come in Swiss cheese flavor, and pizza flavor but the original cheddar is what I like best. I could probably live on them if I had to. In fact, one year on a visit to NY, I very nearly did. I was too busy for organized meals and just kept a box of these in my room. Lol
*g* I see. Ours were just salty, but very addictive as well.