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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Fish & Fishing

Fishing boats...

365 week 9 Thursday

Silver Fish...

365 Week 49 Friday

Abstract Fish...



Great pics. I assume the boat scene is at low tide?
Probably not quite low tide - but certainly closer to low than high, for sure.
A beautiful trio. I particularly like the silver fish, what a great work!
Do you have a high tidal range for the quay being so high up at this moment, or is this always such a difference?
The tidal range around the island is about 9metres. So it is not unusual to have some pictures showing a harbour almost dry like this one, or with the boats sitting much higher like this, which is the same bit of harbour.

And, sometimes, it gets even higher...like earlier this year...! Which is the same harbour, at Ramsey, just looking in the opposite direction. And yes - that is a seat you can see there - it is usually quite a nice place to sit.

I especially love that silver fish. What's its story?
It is a salmon, situated in the village of Laxey - the village whose name derives from the Old Norse Laxa meaning 'Salmon River'.

Here is a short article which tells you about the sculpture.
The best part of that article was how he bought a whole salmon to study and then BBQ'ed it. :-)
I thought that, too!
Those boats are so far below the dock... how do people board them?
Using the ladders built into the harbour walls - the deep incisions you see. Or just wait for the tide to come in, of course - in another four or five hours they they can more or less step straight in and out.
I want that Silver Fish sign! That is so pretty. No idea where I'd put it, but I want it.
Lovely photos.
It is pretty, isn't it? The other side shows the outside of the fish, all scales, but I like this side with the bones more.
I really like your trio of pics, particularly the 2nd one.

I decided not to try for a pic this week, the best I could have managed may have been a pic of a sardine tin or similar, but really I have been too tired and achy to push myself.
Thank you - and no wonder you feel too tired to push yourself at the moment.