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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Green and yellow and red

This huge green guy was a rare visitor in our garden, and I was lucky to have my SLR handy for this shot:

In the next one, I wanted to shoot the stamen of the chicory flower, and the hover fly landed in the last moment.

In July 2009, there was a bad ladybird plague on the Danish island we were visiting. It was pretty at the beginning, but eventually you couldn't step anywhere without smashing countless of them, creating a not very appetizing smell. They flew into your hair, clung to glasses frames, crawled into your clothes, you couldn't sit anywhere or eat outside... also, they bite. I have never been able to like them again, as I did before.


Goodness, I didn't know there were ladybug plagues! They used to be one of the very few insects I was willing to touch as a child.
My 4yo niece loves most insects and touches all, with the exception of ladybugs. They do make a pretty enough picture even in a mass, but having to navigate anywhere there was really unpleasant. I was just grateful the plague was contained to the other part of the island where our tent was.
Ladybugs bite? I had no idea! Those are all great shots.
Not very painfully, and perhaps only when in such a mass, but they do.
Great photo.
I love the lady bugs! They are all good but that one is my favorite.
Crossed fingers for never meeting them as a plague, then. ;O)
Great shots! Bad ladybug memories though, gross!
I love the big green guy - but I think I could live without a plague of ladybirds!
He was really huge. We see them very rarely, but he was nearly as long as my hand.
Ugh! A plague of any insect would turn you off for life. I had no idea that ladybirds could inflict a bite. Is that a cicada in the first pic? I have heard them, but never seen one. I have never seen a chicory flower before either, how pretty it is. The hoverfly was an unexpected addition to the pic.
No, we don't have cicadas (at least not what is called "cicada" in German). It's a large grasshopper called "hay horse" if translated verbatim.
Good shots

Clearly, there is such a thing as too many ladybirds:-)
I've learned something--that there can be too much of a good thing when it comes to ladybugs. I bet, though, that aphids weren't a problem that year.

That's a very handsome grasshopper.
I bet, though, that aphids weren't a problem that year.
I should hope so! :o)