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Smile please

September 2019



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Riding Jaykub

debris4spike in photo_scavenger


Sorry - having to cheat and post a picture from last year!  And, it's not really a mammal, as such!

I went to London and went to The Wallace Collection - this is the oldest complete suit of armour for a horse in existence ... not a mammal, but what the well-dressed horse wears!

 photo DSC_0335_zps3d97a5f1.jpg


Totally counts! Great prompt response.
*g* - Thanks!
What a fantastic, (and funtastic) pic. It certainly is a great response to the prompt. How fortunate you are to be able to visit such an interesting museum.
It is a great place - and upstaires is the painting "The Laughing Cavalier" ... so a place I must re-visit.
Oh I remember that very room - some of that armour was very impressive.

and what a neat reply to the prompt!
It was a brilliant place to visit - Thank you.
I think that's a great response to the prompt, and I've always loved horses in armor. I love the pose of the one in the background.
Those 2 armours were brilliant - in that gallery and the next one were lots of other sections of horse armour - but great how they had the 2 like that.
How interesting. It must be marvelous to discover things like this.
It was a fascinating place - and these armours were certainly stunning.
Are we supposed to use only recent pics? I didn't know that - then I suppose I'm cheating most of the times with mine...

Anyway, great answer to the prompt! And I definitely have to put the Wallace collection on my visiting list when I manage to come to London again, whenever that may be.
LOL - it was a promise I had made myself that having cheated all last year I would be a good organised girl!

The collection is just behind Selfridges ... some great furniture there, as well as the painting of The Laughing Cavalier.
Love seeing these. The horses almost look safer for the battle than the riders do. Great photo too.
Thanks - it was a certainly an amazing image to see the full armours ... don't know what either of my "boys" would have thought!
Very nice take on the prompt. Surely those were well-protected mammals.
Thanks - it was a certainly an amazing image to see the full armours ... don't know what either of my "boys" would have thought!