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Smile please

September 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger


Another cheat!

Last year I went to The Eden Project, and this is one of the decorations ... for a sense of scale the pale pink flowers are hyacinths.

 photo DSC_0134_zps89cda599.jpg


A very interesting picture, none the less.
Certainly a stunning sight to see.
Now that is an insect I would b happy to get closer to!
Yes, it was about the only way I could get this prompt done!!
I love that! It makes me think of the weird bee "repositories" in The X-Files.
Thanks - it's fun when you see sci fi turn up in RL!!
My cousin's daughter is terrified of bees. That would probably give her a heart attack!
LOL - at least this one is both stationary and silent!

I am pretty phobic about most insects.
Wow. If I was a child, that would scare the socks off me.
... yes, but think of all the honey!
Another place high on my visiting wish-list. What a great decoration, and a great shot!
I really did enjoy my visit - well worth it.
Very impressive! I don't think it's cheating at all. It said insect. It didn't say it had to be alive. (I'm grateful that one that large isn't alive btw) Looks like a very interesting place.
The Eden project is fascinating.

As an insect-phobe, a model of one was the only photo you would get from me!!
Good interpretation of the prompt:-)
Thank you.
Impressive! Think of all the honey there would be from bees that size!
*g* ... as I don't like honey, you can have my share!
Ah ha! I thought I was the only one on the planet who doesn't care for honey. I like it drizzled on Mexican-style fried ice cream or in a cup of tea when I have a sore throat, but that's about it. My hubby, however, is a honey fiend and will drown a dinner roll in it and announce it the best thing ever. Meanwhile, I'm looking at it and thinking eurgh...
Looks like your hubby and my dad will be sharing the honey then!