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Smile please

September 2019



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When we entered the ballot for tickets for the London 2012 Olympics we didn't get any of our choices, so when we got a second chance to try for tickets I was determined to get to the Olympic Park whatever sport it might be we ended up watching. In the end we saw two of the group stages of Womens' Hockey - no British interest, but great fun all the same. And the whole experience was a complete never-to-be-forgotten day for us all.

Week 08 - Sports


How awesome to have seen that! (Despite the pink, I found that so horrid to look at... *g* ). I didn't realise skirts still are worn by Hockey players.
The pink wasn't the best colour to be surrounded with all the time! But I am so pleased I made the effort to get up incredibly early to apply for the tickets.

The ladies were all in skirts (though probably had shorts underneath) - I don't know about the men though! *g*
That is a truly loathsome shade of pink, what were 'they' thinking of? However, how wonderful for you to have had the experience of attending the games. I attended them in Melbourne, Australia in 1956, and still have wonderful memories of that experience. Nice pic.
I don't know who chose the pink - though as the Winter Olympics also seems to be using a similar shade I'm thinking the Olympic committee! My dad went to the Rome Olympics in 1960, and he never forgot that - a once in a lifetime experience.
I remember thinking what fun for you all - and how nice to be reminded of it again.
Thank you for the 'sports' prompt - I had a lovely time looking through the photos I took on the day.
Ooooh, I used to play that MANY years ago. I would have enjoyed seeing it with you.
I used to play at school (again, a long time ago!) and it was fun to watch without needing to be partisan, just cheering everything!
I think it's great you got to go to the Olympics at all, and pretty much any sport is fun to watch live, so...yay!
The Olympics was a never-to-be forgotten (and never-to-be repeated probably) experience, we all loved the whole day.
The pink burns, certainly in combination with the other colours - cool photo though, and I guess getting tickets for anything at the Olympics would have been great
The pink was very glaring - and absolutely everywhere! But the whole day was an unforgettable experience.
How very special! I hear tickets were nearly impossible to come by.
It was a wonderful experience. Tickets were very difficult to get hold of, particularly for events at the Olympic Park, which was the venue everyone wanted to get to I think.