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Smile please

September 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger


Sailing is a sport I've always wanted to learn, but never got around to.

But I love sails and sailing ships so much I used it for one of the special marks of a cloth Pachisi board I'm working at since ages.
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What a sweet little sailboat!

Whenever we take a vacation by the ocean, we try to book an eco-tour on a sailboat. Best way to spend a day, ever. :)
That sounds an awesome passtime. I would so, as well, but it's rarely available. We did a tour on an historic freigth sailer from 1922 on the vacation with the ladybugs, but had bad luck with the wind and needed the aux enginge half of the time, but it was awesome still. It was very fittingly called Mjølnir and made smoke puffs like Gandalf himself. (On this site is a picture)
but had bad luck with the wind and needed the aux enginge half of the time, but it was awesome still.

Yeah, that's a risk with sailing tours. We went on a cruise in Charleston Harbar once and they had to run the engine 90% of the trip. But still awesome, just as yours was. :)
Clever! I feel safer on bigger boats, though. *g*
Clever response to the prompt. I have been out under sail once, on Sydney Harbour at night, and it was a magical experience. It is a shame I met Les so late in life, as he had a yacht at that time, but was suffering from PTSD after it sank in Bass Strait in a very wild storm, and eventually sold it.
Oh my, what a thing to experience! My sisters also have been lucker than I in that regard; my maternal uncle is sailing and during "my" time had a larger boat he usually went out for whole weeks on with my aunt, but later sold it and got a smaller one because she did't want to come any longer. The smaller one lives on Majorca where they have a small, derelict old farm somewhere inland and spend part of the year, and it can be sailed by one person alone and taken out for short trips. But circumstances never have been such that I have been invited to visit them on the island, unilke my younger sisters, and to come sailing with him.
But when we're holidaying at the sea-side we try to make short tours on historical vessels, which is at least something. (See also my comment to cairistiona7 above).
What a brilliant response! It will be fun to see the whole board when it is finished.
Thanks! :o) The special marks? are already finished, as there are only three to each side, but I'm still at the center. It was/is a holiday project since I only ever seem to do embroidery when we're tent camping, and since I got my netbook and am taking it I didn't advance much. But I used the opportunity to take pictures of the finished pieces, and will show them soon.
That's a sweet little boat.
Oh, nice:-)
Thanks! :o)
I would love to go sailing sometime. It looks like such a peaceful thing.
It certainly does! But it can also be dramatic. We visited the Hamburg Maritime Museum last summer, and there was a film clip of a Cape-Horner telling experience stories... (Cape-Horner = a sailor/captain who has rounded Cap Hoorn at least once on a frigth sailing ship) - that was pretty gruesome.