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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Mainly I enjoy my sport from the comfort of my own settee.

But I do leave it occasionally.

This was when I attended the swimming events at the Commonwealth Youth Games-

cyg swimming finals 1

I love the swimming Manx Cat in the background - he turned up participating in all the sports, being the mascot.

I took this picture in our local park - boys will play football even when they can hardly see each other, let alone the goals!

Football in Nobles Park - late morning in January.


That second one looks like conditions at Sochi at times this week.
It does, rather. Goodness knows how they knew who to pass the ball to.
LOL I suppose for this week I could just take a selfie of me sitting on couch in front of the TV... LOL
I was tempted to do just that - or a picture of the TV!
That fog picture is awesome! And I wonder if they have a life example for that swimming mascot... *ggg*
I was really happy with the fog picture - even though it is, well... unclear!

I don't think any real Manx cat would b quite that happy in water.
Most of my sporting activity is watching it on the TV as well.

Love that foggy picture - it has a really old-time feel to it.
It does look really old fashioned, doesn't it? It was one of the reasons I really like it.
The cat cracks me up, but that second shot is the stunner. Very mystical and moody.
The second one was just one of those fortuitous things - I was driving past, slowly, in the mist and could just make out these figures on the football pitch.
the swimming Manx Cat in the background... that's terrific!
It was a fun logo - he was pictured on signs and posters around the island doing all the different sports.
Very interesting contrast between the 2 pics. One brightly lit and colourful, the other winter sport as it is really played. The Manx cat is fun, too.
Yes - you are absolutely right - winter sport as it is really played sums it up!
Great photos! The second one is especially nice, love the atmosphere.
Thank you. I have to admit I like that second one myself because of that sense of atmosphere.
Nice photos both - I've attended the odd car race where the second was about the amount of sight available (which at 150 mph isn't fun for the drivers;-) )
When I was younger I have seen the TT take place in such mist - but these days visibility needs to be good all around the course. Although this is not so much for the riders, as for the rescue helicopter - the competitors being able to see where they are going is a useful side-effect.
At Zandvoort the rule is that each marshall post needs to see the previous one - so that flag signals can be seen. Driver visibility is a nice side-effect.
Two great photos. I love that second one.
Thank you. I rather like that one, too!