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Smile please

September 2019



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camera happy

cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


Probably the only decent sports pic I've taken, and likely a meaningless pic to anyone outside the US or who aren't baseball fans....

 photo e445a017-d773-4571-9edf-0c703ce1e572_zpsab3e4f2e-1_zps57a52518.jpg

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter, who was pitching with our local Springfield Cardinals team on an injury rehab assignment. Unfortunately, the rehab didn't work and he had to retire, but it was a thrill to see such a pitcher I'd admired and been a fan of for years up close.


It certainly doesn't look like a comfortable position! And indeed, not knowing/understanding the sport at all makes it difficult to understand why it's special. Cultural differences and such. ;o)
That's the follow-through after he's thrown the ball (pitched). It does look like an awkward position.
At first glance I thought this was a cricketer - me being British!

Great for you to be able to see one of your sporting favourites though.
Definitely similarities between American baseball and cricket. I think in cricket he would be a bowler?

And yes, I was being a little self-indulgent with this one, I admit!
I may not know anything about him, but it is a brilliant picture - the position you've caught him in.
Thank you! I hoped even if people didn't know the sport, they'd still appreciate the photo itself.

I thought this one, which shows the follow-through after the ball leaves his hand, really captured the way he used his entire body as he pitched.
Great shot - though I hurt just looking at the way his foot is turned and the rest of him is bent, and ow ow ow.
Yeah, pitching is hard on the body, especially the elbow and shoulder (even though this photo makes it look like the back and legs get it worse). In this player's case, he developed thoracic outlet syndrome, where the muscles in his chest and shoulder pressed too hard on a nerve, causing numbness and weakness in his pitching arm. He had surgery for it, but it didn't correct the problem, hence his having to retire. :(
That really is a great shot.
Thank you! I rarely get a chance to sit *that* close at a baseball game, so I made sure I had my camera and telephoto lens. This was at a Springfield Cardinals (minor league team for the St. Louis Cardinals) game, where the seats behind home plate only cost $15 (compared with, gosh, $200+ at Busch Stadium??). So I jumped at the chance when Carpenter played for a week or so here. :)
That is a really great shot, but I agree with the OW! factor. I used to have to play rounders at High School, and just looking at that pic made me ache all over! (Rounders is a sort of modified, girly sort of baseball)
Good shot:-)
I love baseball. Wonderful action photo!
Thank you, and yay, another baseball fan!