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Aha! I've been struggling, having lost a lot of photos in a disc crash and also being grumpy and wintry and stuck indoors. But seat I can do - hoping this is the start of a good run for me.

 photo BloistripOctober2012168.jpg

I love this. Which is unlike me, because it's a complete fake. But it's in the great medieval hall of the chateau de Blois, which doesn't have any original furniture, and I *love* that they've put this little dais and chair up there for you to sit in and pretend to be a king. (Of course I did it! There were no kids about to be monopolising it, in fact the hall was empty. So I had my fun time.) I also got to see how this big hall, which is divided in half by pillars, is quite hard to oversee from the seat, because there's no 'central' spot with good sightlines. The long walls have a fireplace and a great door in the midpoint, and the pillars are right in the middle of the other walls. Weird. I think of rulers wanting to be at the centre of everything. So, nylon-velvet and steps made out of plywood maybe, but I learned something from this grand seat.

 photo BloistripOctober2012170.jpg
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