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Smile please

September 2019



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Photography by endlessdeep

nutmeg3 in photo_scavenger

Seat x 2

This is Kaiya taking a seat (#1) on a chair (seat #2) my neighbors put out a while back for anyone who wanted it. She jumped into it when we went out for a walk and looked so cute that I had to run back in for the camera.

 photo ChairakaUp.jpg
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Look at that adorable happy face. *beams* And such a nice chair... I would have taken it!

Edited at 2014-02-25 12:37 am (UTC)
She's a very smiley dog. And if I'd had anywhere to put it, I would have taken the chair, LOL!
What a smile!!!

And knowing how small Kaiya is, that chair has to be pretty tiny!
It was actually a normal sized armchair, but I think the angle - she was above me and I had to shoot from close by because I was right by the street (and she was on leash, so I couldn't get far away anyway) - made her look bigger than she is.
What a sweet smile
She's a very happy, smiley dog. Though when she wants to look grumpy, she definitely can.
How cute! ♥ She looks very happy with this resting spot.
She was. I had to convince her to get down and go for our walk. *g*
She looks so pleased I'm surprised you didn't immediately take the chair home just for her!!
Believe me, if I'd had anywhere to put it, I would have.
What a smile! I too am surprised you didn't take the chair home for her, since she obviously liked it very much indeed.
If only I'd had a place to put it, I would have. :-)
I love the expression on her face. What a fun photo!