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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger


This is Ginger, on his second day as 'cat in residence'. The seat is my computer chair.DSC_0001
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You mean it was your computer chair...
I am occasionally allowed to use it, if I get there first.
Sweet kitty! Is it a battle of wills to get your chair back, or does she graciously let you use it when you want?
I remove him when I need to use it.
Someone looks like he's been there forever. :-)
At the cat's home they had wide ledges around the room, and also chairs, so he just naturally assumed that it was there specially for him.
I love your icon!
Feel free to steal. It's one of those that has been floating around so long it doesn't even have any attribution. I call it Tigercat, but you can call it anything you want.
Such a fluffy beauty.
He is very pretty, and luckily he seems to be able to manage his grooming himself, although I am happy to offer assistance.
Ginger is beautiful and that's a nice computer chair too. I'm guessing that Ginger has claimed ownership of all of your chairs. My cats do that. : )
He has indeed! Strange about that, it is always the No. 1 carer whose chair gets nabbed. It was the same with our previous dear one.
He is so beautiful!
Yes, he really is, isn't he.
Yes, he is. He also has a very sweet nature, and is a joy to be with.
♥ Perfect answer to the prompt! Don't they know the best seats ever, our furries?
They certainly do, and it is always the seat of the person who loves them most.