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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


Cricket anyone?
A friend spent an afternoon trying to explain Cricket to me on my last visit to the UK.  I enjoyed watching it but I'm not sure I have the finer points of it.  The Cricket photos were taken in the park in Marlow Buckinghamshire and I can't credit team names because I've no idea.





And just for fun, my nephew playing soccer.




*blinks cluelessly at cricket scoreboard*

*looks down*

Ah, soccer!! That one I understand! (Although someday I *will* study cricket and learn how it's played.) Great pics, all.
Thank you. It took me a while to catch onto the soccer. Before my nephew started playing, I didn't know anything about it. Great sport though.
I still don't understand cricket, either, but love to watch it! I'm lucky enough to live in a part of the US with a *lot* of cricket players (to the point where they have leagues and regularly play matches). Of course, rugby and lacrosse are also fairly big here, as well (two more sports I don't understand but still love to watch).
I saw a bit of rugby while in the UK but it was on television and the commentary was in Welsh so I didn't learn a thing about it! lol
As for Lacrosse, I've never seen it played at all.
It's popular enough here that the county has even converted a few soccer fields over to be dedicated Lacrosse fields. I really love the fact that so many kids are branching out into sports that were lesser known in the US.
I confess that a lot of the finer parts of sport confuse me anyway, but cricket doesn't seem to make any sense at all. (Or maybe the person who tried to explain it to me once just couldn't dumb it down enough for my poor brain.)
My friend knew how to keep score for Cricket and had grown up watching it so I got lots of details. I'm still not sure of some of it though. It seems to have way more rules than I was able to catch on to in one sitting.
The rules are really very easy.

Whilst defending, i.e batting; defend your wicket with your bat, not your body. Score by running the distance between your wicket and the other one.

Whilst attacking, i.e bowling, you must bowl overarm, you must let go of the ball before a certain point, you are trying to hit the wicket. Your fielders are trying to catch the ball, or to throw it back so that the wicket can be touched by the ball whilst the batsmen are still running. You bowl six balls and then let someone else bowl from the other end, at the other batsman.

That's it, basically. :)
I've never seen cricket played!
Heh, cricket is confusing if you're not a Brit, Aussie, Kiwi or South African among a few other Asian countries.

Oh, and that's football, not soccer ;)
lol Yeah, I totally forgot to list it as soccer/football. It's confusing too.

I liked what I saw of Cricket.
I have only seen it the one time but it was very entertaining.
I love the village cricket match pictures - the very essence of an English/Welsh summer.
Mmm, reminiscent. I didn't see much live cricket last year, not even pub cricket. Must do better this year.
Great pics! To me, as a complete outsider, cricket sounds much more easily to understand than baseball - not that I dare to claim understanding it at all! *g*