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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


Someone has to do this, so it really should be me.  A few years ago, I started taking photos of toilets while on vacation.  So...

Harwick Castle loo
This is an old toilet displayed at Harwick Castle in the UK.  You can't use it but it is supposed to show
you what the facilities were like in castles back in the day.  It has a nice, wide, seat so I'm guessing it wasn't uncomfortable.
We didn't try it out.

This is the toilet seat in the Krispy Creme Donut shop in Charleston, WV.  (That's my purse.)

Krispy Creme in Charleston and my purse

This is the lack of a proper toilet seat in Venice, Italy.  Not an easy toilet to use.

Venice loo

This one was very, very, very, cold.  It's a toilet seat in Cardiff, Wales.  Metal is not my first choice for a toilet seat.

Loo in Cardiff

And this is the toilet seat in my sister's guest bathroom.

Guest loo at Vickie's

And finally, this is a toilet seat in a hotel room in Jamacia, NY.

Jamacia NY hotel loo

I have way more of these photos but I think you get the idea.  Everyone needs a hobby, right?


LOL! What a great variety. I've seen quite a lot of seatless toilets in my travels, and like the metal toilet they're often quite cold, in addition to being physically challenging.

Edited at 2014-02-26 11:18 am (UTC)
Yes, they are. I was surprised. I started doing this as a lark and wound up getting very interested in it. lol
Haha, that is an AWESOME idea for a picture series! (And, of course, a splendid answer to this prompt.) Have you ever thought of making a blog out of it, or posting them all as photo series somehwere? This might be extremely fascinating.
Oddly enough, I had them posted on FB at one point in an album entitled, "In the Loo". The basic problem I ran into was that I just haven't traveled to enough places. For a while, the toilet seats were all different but then I noticed that I had a great many that were just the same old thing. I still photograph them when I find an interesting one, but lately, the locations that I have visited haven't been that different. Toilet seats in SC aren't that much different from the ones in NY.
What a delightful assortment!

This one was very, very, very, cold.

Thank you. The very cold one, was in Wales in the winter time in a bathroom with a huge crack around the door, so the wind was blowing into the room and keeping the metal toilet seat very cold.
LOL! I wondered if someone would do this. Terrific!
Thank you. I have way too many photos of toilet seats. It seemed a shame not to use some of them here.
That is a very stylish loo! Brilliant response, too.
Thanks so much! If it's one thing I have, it's photos of loo seats. lol Somewhere, I have one from an airplane. I really should have used that one too.
This was brilliant!!!
Thank you. I am just crazy enough to have lots of toilet seat photos.
Seats are for sissies. ;~) You're supposed to stand up. I wouldn't mind that first one though. It looks rather cosy.

Sorry for the deletion. That was me. I have to remember which browser I'm typing in.
I'm a complete sissy when it comes to matters involving toilets. I want a proper seat and toilet tissue and privacy. (A lock on the door if at all possible.)
I liked the first one very much. I looks like you'd have plenty of room and something solid beneath you and a place to set your toilet paper nest to you for easy access. (I'm guessing that they didn't use that back in the day, but still, it's a nice feature.)

No worries on the deletion. Sometimes I have that problem.
Toilet tissue is always a plus.

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Afterwards I wiped my tail with a hen, with a cock, with a pullet, with a calf's skin, with a hare, with a pigeon, with a cormorant, with an attorney's bag, with a montero, with a coif, with a falconer's lure. But, to conclude, I say and maintain, that of all torcheculs, arsewisps, bumfodders, tail-napkins, bunghole cleansers, and wipe-breeches, there is none in the world comparable to the neck of a goose, that is well downed, if you hold her head betwixt your legs. And believe me therein upon mine honour, for you will thereby feel in your nockhole a most wonderful pleasure, both in regard of the softness of the said down and of the temporate heat of the goose, which is easily communicated to the bum-gut and the rest the inwards, in so far as to come even to the regions of the heart and brains. And think not that the felicity of the heroes and demigods in the Elysian fields consisteth either in their asphodel, ambrosia, or nectar, as our old women here used to say; but in this, according to my judgment, that they wipe their tails with the neck of a goose, holding her head betwixt their legs, and such is the opinion of Master John of Scotland, alias Scotus."