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Someone has to do this, so it really should be me.  A few years ago, I started taking photos of toilets while on vacation.  So...

Harwick Castle loo
This is an old toilet displayed at Harwick Castle in the UK.  You can't use it but it is supposed to show
you what the facilities were like in castles back in the day.  It has a nice, wide, seat so I'm guessing it wasn't uncomfortable.
We didn't try it out.

This is the toilet seat in the Krispy Creme Donut shop in Charleston, WV.  (That's my purse.)

Krispy Creme in Charleston and my purse

This is the lack of a proper toilet seat in Venice, Italy.  Not an easy toilet to use.

Venice loo

This one was very, very, very, cold.  It's a toilet seat in Cardiff, Wales.  Metal is not my first choice for a toilet seat.

Loo in Cardiff

And this is the toilet seat in my sister's guest bathroom.

Guest loo at Vickie's

And finally, this is a toilet seat in a hotel room in Jamacia, NY.

Jamacia NY hotel loo

I have way more of these photos but I think you get the idea.  Everyone needs a hobby, right?

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