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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Here are three very different seats, but just one model!

We had summer... once upon a time.

Douglas, Sunken garden 2

Also - medieval scribe at work;


And finally a picture I didn't take - but I want to share. Taken of my daughter by her friend, in a museum/art gallery in Buenos Aires

 photo seat.jpg

Isn't that just the best seat ever?


Oh my, that bench! It looks like it's trying to get back to the forest.

I hope summer returns soon for you!
That bench is just wonderful, isn't it?

I am hoping for a really nice summer. As long as it isn't a very wet one!
Ah summer. I remember it well.... lol Love the scribe's desk and the one from Buenos Aires.
Guess what It's actually sunny here this morning! Probably rain gain this evening though...

I absolutely love that BA picture - that seat is such a wonderful idea
I love them all but that last one is my favorite. I love the way the bench looks as if it is unraveling or possibly weaving itself together to form a bench. Great photos!
I absolutely love that bench in Buenos Aires - even though it wasn't my picture I had to share it!
These are great!
Thank you.
I'm afraid the seats themselves took second place to the loveliness of the model. *g* Love the bench, though, and the medieval picture is perfect.
You know, when I look at them, I think I was right, at the time, that she looked rather tired and drawn (a bit peaky as my Gran would have said), whe she finished at Law School - which was about a fortnight before that picture in BA was taken
A great trio! The last is a terrific pic, particularly with what D-d is wearing. Without the bag it would look like part of the installatoin. :o)

"We had summer... once upon a time."
That last is great, isn't it? It was a picture well spotted by her, and taken by her friend.