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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


Anyone else shop way too much on line or is it just me? And shoes!


:o) That fits the prompt very well!
Sadly, I do way too much shopping on line. The trouble is, there just aren't many places where I live that have the things I want.
I know that so well! For me it's mostly books and music, since I don't buy much other things anyway, and tend to wear clothes and shoes until they are no longer fit for it simply because I rarely find things I really like of materials I want and which fit and suit me well. But even books and music of the way I prefer are not easy, or not at all possible to get in my small town, or even the next larger one, or in Germany for that matter. *g* Culture-wise, the internet is a godsent for me.

One of the consequences was, for example, that I had no idea of the existense of the HoME until coming into the Tolkien fandom online. Only the first two volumes are translated, and without being in the Tolkien Society back then and only the average book shop available, I never even heard it mentioned.
Great prompt ... and I like those sandals!!
I do too and I probably would have ordered them except I can't wear anything that has the little thong piece between the toes. If not for that, they'd have been mine. Bwahahaha!
I'm glad for folks who can buy shoes online. My feet are small, and the right is slightly bigger than the left, so I always have to try on shoes in person before buying them (which isn't very often).
I buy way too many shoes and usually, I can manage it without trying them on. It's a good thing that I can do this because there are no shoe stores in this town that have much of a selection. If I didn't order my shoes on line, I'd have to spend most of my time driving somewhere to get new ones. I am a shoe-a-holic.
Hee hee... perfect. I thought about taking a photo of Amazon while I'm buying Kindle books. :D

Those red shoes look really comfy....
Oh, I almost used Amazon. I don't know which of those two sites I shop from the most, QVC or Amazon. Tonight, it was Amazon.
I have to admit to doing almost all my clothes shopping online - and quite a bit of my shoe shopping too.
That's me. Shopping where I live consists of Walmart and one very crowded chain store called Peebles. I have tshirts from Walmart and even some jeans but when I want shoes, I'm on my computer shopping.
Nope, not just you. I do 99% of my non-grocery shopping on line.
I feel better now. I wish I could get my groceries on line. I know people can some places but this isn't one of them.
I do almost all my shopping online and I love shoeshop.com!
Oh, I've not been to shoeshop.com. Gotta do that at once. lol
I've used Shoebuy.com but not shoeshop. I love new shoe sites! *excited*
I shop far too much online - but usually get my shoes from shops as I have to try them on first and don't want the hassle of sending them back if they don't fit.