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Smile please

September 2019



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Domestic Goddess

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This is me owning up that I am most certainly not a Domestic Goddess when it comes to eating after work. I let M&S do most of the work.

So this is my guilty admission picture of my shopping;

scavenger shopping

All ready to eat, or just to pop in the oven or microwave, are such delights as lasagne, a chicken Jalfrezi and baby naans for S2C, ready prepared vegetables, ready made colcannon mash, a chicken and mushroom risotto, salad, desserts, cauliflower cheese, kievs....

And not long after, my dinner looked


That is lasagne, salad, some of the pantofola, and a glass of the wine (that was free as part of the dinner for 2 for £10 deal).

I had hoped to dish up the lasagne neatly - but managed to drop it onto the plate upsdie down... but it still tasted good.


The quality of pre-packaged food has gone up tremendously in recent years. I worry that I'll forget how to cook entirely!
M&S do make very nice food. I realise, too, that I rarely buy anything frozen these days, only the fresh stuff.
That looks delicious.

I hadn't heard of colcannon before, so you taught me something new today.
Colcannon is a good way of getting at least small amounts of green vegetables into my husband!

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You're definitely my kind of cook, LOL!
Making lasagne from scratch is one of those things that I know how to do - but can't see the point of doing on a weekday when M&S do it so nicely!
On workdays, it seems counterproductive to spend large amounts of time in the kitchen. We depend on our crockpot for meals, but they can't compare to that lasagna.
I'm too lazy to even get stuff ready for slow-cooking most of the time - I can get so much stuff ready to go at M&S, or Tesco, or even our local shop :(

The lasagne was very tasty. S2C is just about to eat his chicken jalfrezi and his naans (he got home from work about 15 minutes ago), and all I did was put some rice on to cook just before he arrived. I could have got that ready cooked at M&S too...!
It looks delicious! I spend so much time eating in places like my car and at the computer that I can't recall the last time I set the table...
I do eat off a lap tray quite often - or off my desk, or in the car - but lasagne and salad is much easier to cope with at the table :)
Your shopping looks lovely and green. I'm glad we haven't an M&S in close driving distance, or my shopping would be very similar!