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My high street currently has quite a decent mix of shops, including 5 supermarkets of different types and sizes. But it hasn't always been so; I can remember mum travelling to Croydon and Kingston for ingredients I wouldn't think of as obscure these days. What has been there, ever since I can remember, is the veg stall beside the library. It's a proper thing, not one of your fly by nights. Owned by a guy and his sons (and grandsons now), they get up at an ungodly hour to buy produce at New Covent Garden, and sell it to us from 8 till about 4pm, six days a week. I don't get there as much as I'd like these days, because it's not a timetable that works when you commute (I'm out of town about 7am to 6pm), but I try to stop by on Saturdays to get things the supermarkets don't sell (rhubarb, damsons, ripe fruit in general). My parents spend about £40 pw here; more in summer. Proper fruit and veg, properly sourced. Not fancy, not expensive, not exotic, not (mostly) organic. I'm still very glad they're around.
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