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Smile please

September 2019



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My high street currently has quite a decent mix of shops, including 5 supermarkets of different types and sizes. But it hasn't always been so; I can remember mum travelling to Croydon and Kingston for ingredients I wouldn't think of as obscure these days. What has been there, ever since I can remember, is the veg stall beside the library. It's a proper thing, not one of your fly by nights. Owned by a guy and his sons (and grandsons now), they get up at an ungodly hour to buy produce at New Covent Garden, and sell it to us from 8 till about 4pm, six days a week. I don't get there as much as I'd like these days, because it's not a timetable that works when you commute (I'm out of town about 7am to 6pm), but I try to stop by on Saturdays to get things the supermarkets don't sell (rhubarb, damsons, ripe fruit in general). My parents spend about £40 pw here; more in summer. Proper fruit and veg, properly sourced. Not fancy, not expensive, not exotic, not (mostly) organic. I'm still very glad they're around.


Good rhubarb is a real treat.

I saw a patient yesterday and we were reminiscing about the kitchen garden of the old workhouse infirmary, which once stood near where her newish house is. And she tells me that some of the rhubarb still comes up every year - you just have to know where to look. I'm thinking of ging on evening with a torch...
*lol* Go, you, with the torch! :o) My first own rhubarb just put its head out of the soil, I've spotted some lovely bright red bits today. It's a strawberry rhubarb. I'm already looking forward to my mother's favourite rhubarb cake - raw pieces upright on a shortbread crust, as tight as possible, lightly sugared, and after half the baking time a meringue coat is added on top. To die for! I'm also quite fond of ginger-rhubarb jam.
I was looking forward to seeing your pic, but it failed to load. I would love to be able to buy fresh fruit and veg, but have only the local shop or the supermarket, and these products are rarely fresh. When I can, I grow my own. There is a farmer's market on Saturdays, but it is difficult to get to, as well as crowded. However, if I can find the energy I would like to start shopping there again, as I crave fresh, crisp greens.
Those sellers know what they're about as far as attractively displaying their wares!
I'm very glad we have produce farmers and sellers like that where I live, too, especially since this is such a large city.

Yum yum, everything looks luscious.
Oh, lovely. It's all so pretty and fresh and outdoors. Without snow.
That's quite a stand!
Ah, I love shops like these, and one of the downsides of living in a village/ small town is not having any. Some things are available at the local farmer market, but it has unconvenient times for me. I also learned something new - damsons! Never heard the word before, and looking it up I found it to be a term I had looked for a long time. Damsons are the main "plum" variety hereabouts, and we planted our own tree last autumn. Wanting to tell about it I looked for the word, but ironically, I couldn't find it anywhere when looking for a translation for the German term. It's usually plum everywhere, though plums are decidedly different! *g* h
I would love to have somewhere like that to shop. Yum!
What a great variety of fruit and veg they have on their stall. Our closest f&v stall was in the car park of the garden centre up the road, but he was forced to re-locate when they built a Waitrose on the same premises.