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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger


Bright sunshine creating bright colours on my window:

Edit: last night I also took a shot of the full moon. It's not a very good shot, I don't have a tripod and my monopod wasn't sufficient to get a sharp picture, but the moon was so bright and the atmosphere so awesome, I simply have to share this:

(click on image to see full size)
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Ooooh, that moon shot is wonderful. And what a bright window display! Very cheering.
The window decoration is really a multi-coloured star, but my windows haven't been cleaned since late last autumn and the pic with the whole star looks rather embarrassing. *g* I had taken this shot for possible future banners, but it fit this prompt so well I decided to use it.
What a pretty star! Did you make it yourself? And that shot of the moon is wonderfully atmospheric.
Thanks! Yes, I made it myself, I have actually two in two corresponding windows. They were meant as a Christmas decoration, but we just kept them this year because the late winter was so drab.
How lovely. I really needed some color this morning as I, once again, watch the snowflakes sleeting down *sigh*

- Erulisse (one L)
*melts your snowflakes away*
It's day and night *groan* and both are gorgeous.
Those are both beautiful.

Is your window decoration made from tissue paper?
Thanks! No, tissue papwer wouldn't be sturdy enough, we're using transparent paper. These stars are best made from a very sturdy transparent paper we call "dragon paper" because you can make paper dragons from it (I think they're called kites in English?), but I didn't have any so we used the thinner variety, which works well, but you have to tape more of the star branches to the window pane. If you're interested in the instructions, here are some in German, but with photos showing well enough how it is done; it's rather simple. The only thing you need to know is that the long side has doubly the length of the narrow side.
Now that's beautiful!
Those are both stunning! What a great night shot! I have trouble with those and so admire it when anyone gets a good one. This is lovely.
Thanks! The night shots are really difficult, I agree. This was the first decent one I ever got.