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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Corners in France

A beautiful corner of a cloiser garden at Fontevraud Abbey in France:

I took the detail shot because I want those in my garden, too. The result looks like this:

And just because it fits the prompt so well: *g*

Me standing in a corner of the garden fortification (against the river flood, I suppose) to get a good angle for Chenonceau Castle.
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I like that type of fencing. Very pretty. And perfect shot of you in your corner doing your picture-taking thing! :D
Yes, and it's even free, as we have hazel bushes and other wood to cut on a tiny plot Siljan owns on a shrubby hill close by.

I took my SLR for the first time on holiday last year, so Siljan started to take pictures as well, and now there are a couple of me taking pictures. *g*
Excellent choices for the prompt! I really like those woven garden corners.
I like it that they are pretty and pretty adaptable, but also come for free if you have some shrubs you need to cut anyway.
Oh, those are really pretty! I want some too.;-)
They are simple to make: you just need some pegs for the vertical posts, can be bought or selfmade, and straight slim and if possible fresh twigs or branches to weave in between. They bend better if they are fresh, otherwise you have to adapt the plugs a bit, but this works well also with sturdier branches and other sizes for all kinds of support in the garden.
That twig fencing is lovely. Did you actually weave your own?
Not of this kind yet, as we're waiting for the cuts of hazel twigs a bit later in the year, so we can weave them better. But we've done temporary supports of garden structures-in-the-making from sturdier pegs and branches with good results.
Love that prompt response!
I really like that first picture - and the ones in your garden look really good.
Thanks - but that's not our garden, both is the cloister garden of Fontevraud Abbey; the first is a detail shot of another area. I wish I had so much space in my kitchen/veggie garden to use! Our garden is not small, but due to layout/wind/shadow from neighbouur and own house the space suitable for vegetable usage is limited and small.
How beautiful! (you too, *g*) But it looks like a huge amount of work! What have they used?
Not at all, on the contrary; it's perhaps the easiest and fastest way to make a small border, though it will need to be replaced after a couple of years sometimes. You simply put in plugs directly into the soil where you need them, or in holes filled with fine gravel if you want to prevent them from rot, and weave thin, long twigs, pre-cut to the same size, in between. For the twigs, hazel or willow is most practical since it's nicely elastic and comes in sufficient long, straight and equal-sized twigs from one shrub/tree, but you can use everything you have and that fits. We use it to take care of some of our green waste, too, but don't mind a less than perfect outcome if it's practical and free, depending on the area we use it.
Hmmmm Given the amount of wind debris we have to pick up after this winter/spring.... this could be a viable option for doing something useful with all those twigs!
I love these. I'd never seen anything like the little garden corners in the photos. Very pretty!