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Hi, I'm Sofia.  I'm 26 and I live in Philadelphia with my boyfriend.  I work in advertising buying stock photography (among other things) so I really do get to stare at photos all day.  I've been thinking about trying Project 365, but I know i'm not that dedicated yet.  My cousin Fayelle (ladygoat) did 365 last year and I really enjoyed seeing her pics....she sent me this Project 52 to try, so here it goes! 
Also I'm using my new camera that I got for Christmas.  Its a Canon Powershot SX200 IS and its awesome!  I just haven't figured out how to use every option yet, but I'll get there soon.

New Calendar: Last year I got a page a day calendar (1000 things to see before you die) for Christmas, and I kept it at my desk at work.  Luckily in late December a vendor at work decided to send us a box of random things (like puzzles, calendars, notepads).  Inside a 2010 page-a-day, this one is Tropical Paradise.  Its kind of nice to come to work everyday and see what awesome place I'd rather be than at my desk.

Side Note:  I almost didn't post this because Faye (ladygoat) also posted a calendar, but since this was my first idea I went with it.  I guess when you are cousins thinking alike is bound to happen.
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