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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Tree bark;

365 week 52 Sunday

Moss, stone, and ivy stems;

douglas head 018


What an interesting tree. Even the hole in the trunk is intriguing.
It is, isn't it? It is a tree I know well, because I regularly park my car right beside it.
I love all the textures in nature. These are very nice shots.
Thank you - there are some wonderful textures really quite close at hand, aren't there?
I've always loved running my hands over tree bark.
Each tree has its own texture, too, doesn't it?
Great choices. I have fallen so far behind.... *sigh* my aging brain seems incapable of holding a thought long enough to do something about it. LOL
Thank you - and you can just drop in when you want - you don't have to catch up completely, if you don't want to!
Oh, I know. But the weeks and prompts just seem to fly past me... I need to add photoscavenger to my "things to do today" chart one day of the week and just do it.
I love these!
Thank you.
Darn, my first choice for texture is nearly an identical picture to yours... *g* so of course I absolutely love your choice! Bark is one of my favourite things to feel and touch, and even more so when results as the one you're showing are there, such palpable proofs of the resilience and strength of trees! ♥ Shows in your second picture, too. I find it very fascinating what ivy does to trees, and how trees deal with it - and how long they are able to survive this "embrace"!
i>Darn, my first choice for texture is nearly an identical picture to yours... </i>

Which will be really interesting to me, anyway!

The underlying texture of ivy is really interesting, isn't it? So much of it is evergreen that this structure is usually hidden.
That is a very cool-looking tree!
It looks as if it is winking and yawning to me. I love it when I can see a face in a tree.