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Smile please

September 2019



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lizziebuffy2008 in photo_scavenger


I like the texture of my new everyday whole wheat bread...


March 2014.


Oh my, I can smell it from here.

I was really pleased with how it turned out.
Oh... I can smell it from here! Lovely.
That looks so yummy it almost inspires me to start baking my own again. Maybe, now that the weather is cooling down, I might.
Thanks. This was my first "everyday" loaf, so I was very pleased with how it turned out.
There's nothing as nice as the aroma of freshly baked bread, unless it's the beauty of the loaves.
Unless, it is the smell of butter, cinnamon, and sugar...;-)
*collapses from the goodness*

That is a point well made.
Yummy! And what a clever response.
Hmm, bread is an excellent answer for texture! Do you bake it yourself?
Thanks and yes I do. I made a NY's resolution that I would not buy any more condiments (mustard, mayo, etc.) and found it fairly easy to maintain, so have expanded to bread, nut butters, and bacon.
We're only eating whole meal bread at home, too, though most of it I by in my favourite organic bakery. You probably know we have a different bread culture in Germany, and have much more darker bread with high parts of rye which needs sourdough baking. Doing this at home with proper whole flour is quite time-consuming and needs a tight schedule to keep your sourdough alive, and I'm glad we can buy it nowadays. My mother used to bake it herself during most of my teenage years, and I still remember days when other things had to be cancelled because it needed to be a baking day. She's still baking whole meal bread for me, but with just as much rye she doesn't need more than yeast. Her bread is still better and has a better texture than many kinds from organic bakeries, except for the one I buy from.
What do you mean about bacon, are you making that yourself, too? If yes, in what way? I'm perhaps clueless as a veggie, but it doesn't sound as if you were doing home butchery or so.

I have a friend who is from Germany and has kept a starter going for many years, but uses it mostly for "lighter" bread products. I never hear her say that she is making the dark rye type breads, so I am guessing she agrees with you. I have not done anything with a sourdough starter...yet.

We are lucky that we live in a couple of areas with many farms, both vegetables and livestock, so I was able to buy a four pound organic pork belly fairly cheaply. I then seasoned it and kept it in the refrigerator for 10 days, turning it every other day. On the 11th day, I smoked it on my charcoal grill for ~90 minutes and voila, bacon.

Homemade Bacon
*applauds* That sounds like satisfying work done. We live in a farm area, too, but the direct marketing has become more and more difficult particularly for small farmers thanks to new EU laws; several had to give up or sell to the large companies. Back when I still ate meat we got most of ours from the farmers of the region. At least I can get eggs, potatoes, onions, most of our grain and many vegetables still. Except for the grain I also go for non-organic if I know the farm and farmer, since those we buy from are not certified as organic farmers, but produce close enough, and I prefer food grown in the neighbourhood.
That looks delicious! I really am getting hungry now. Great photo!
Thank you