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Smile please

September 2019



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cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


I love the textures of baskets, like this...

 photo IMAG2903-1_zpsc73e6542.jpg

... which is a close-up of this African basket, given to me as a gift by a former neighbor who bought it at a fair trade market:

 photo IMAG2901-1-1_zpsf402b683.jpg

Update: After a little Googling, I identified this as a Bolga market basket, from Ghana. I was particularly pleased by that because I had a good friend in college from Ghana (though he never mentioned his nation's beautiful baskets, go figure.)


What a lovely basket - and a very interesting texture, too.
Thank you--she gave it to me with the "real" gift inside, but it's one of the best "gift wraps" I've ever seen!

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What a perfect response! And it's a really pretty basket, too.
Thank you! I love baskets of all kinds and this one was so unique. It has pride of place atop an armoire.
I like that basket VERY much.
Isn't it pretty? I like that it's a little lopsided. :)
This is a very beautiful pattern of these baskets! I love them, too, and had one for long years. It was so overused it eventually fell apart. Yours is the most beautiful I've seen so far.
Thank you! I have a lot of baskets around the house, some sturdier than others. I'm not sure this one would hold up to a lot of use, so I keep it more as an objet d'art. But I like it when I find inexpensive baskets that I can use until they fall to pieces. :)
I used it a shopping basket, and it was terrific for that use, but I tend to overload my baskets anyway so they all suffer over time. At the time they were to be had everywhere, but I didn't think to buy a replacement one when mine started to fray, and now I don't see them any longer. I would use one today for the knitting things I keep under the coffee table; though the one I have there is a hand-made one from a Medieval fair and also very pretty.
I'm thrilled this is something else we both love. :o)
Aw, I hate when something I love falls to pieces but isn't in the shops anymore because trends have moved on.

And I love finding baskets where I've met the artisan, but those kind tend to be above my price range! (I found the type basket mine is and put it in the post--a Bolga market basket, from Ghana. From the descriptions of them, I suppose it's much sturdier than I thought, but I'm still not going to use it. They're not terribly expensive as handcrafted baskets go. I might have to buy a few more one of these days and start a collection.)

:o) Mine was really sturdy, despite - or perhaps because - of the flexibility. I used to transport my complete weekly shopping in it, inlcuding several kilos of dairy products (milk and joghurt in large glass bottles), veggies and other stuff that wheighs a lot. About 5-8 kilos, I would say - that is the amount I can easily carry in a basket at least for short distances. My mother has a child-sized one which would be perfect for my current crafting, but I have another small African baskef for it, just not so pretty.
Thank you for finding the name, now it will be much easier to get another one! I just found a German fair-trade shop with them also in mini sizes, though not all currently available. I haven't seem them in shops for ages, nor on any fairs, and am surprised to find them at less than half the price I have seen them on sale. But I haven't been to a fair trade shop in ages, too, and have to look if the local ones have some baskets. That shop has the official fair trade logo, though, so buying there might be as well.
I have to talk with my mom about the mini baskets - I suppose she would adore to give her grandchildren those for Easter! We have a tradition of nice but practical, small gifts for Easter - sand or water toys for the kids, or a new ball, pots with herbs for the garden, small baskets, beautiful dish towels and so on.
That is just lovely! It's the perfect use of the prompt too.
Thank you!
Lovely answer to the prompt, and a beautiful basket, quite the nicest I have seen.
Thank you!